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Trigon Venus – Lilith: decorating the world with herself

Sometimes the Black Moon adds to the character of a person, and through him to the event background, a passionate love for life, its benefits and pleasures. And of course this happens through a positive aspect with Venus, which is responsible not only for personal life, but also the ability to enjoy material values, as well as afford them.

The relationship of the owner of the trine Venus – Lilith is sensual, vibrant and always mutually beneficial, which is not an end in itself, it just happens, because the native himself has different artistic talents, a heightened sense of beauty, the ability to make money, so his partner also receives a lot in return for his generosity .

Opportunities and problems of the trine Venus – Lilith

The native is like a beautiful flower that adorns the world and quite naturally receives support, sympathy, and applause for it. It is watered, it is looked after, and therefore egoism nurtured in this way does not seem to be something unnatural. This is the Rose of the Little Prince, which has become the meaning of his existence. Like her, the native attracts those who sincerely love him. They are ready to take on many responsibilities to make him happy.

Trigon Venus – Lilith gives social security: from luck in interviews and castings to easy and quick recognition of his talents by the world. However, what comes easily is usually not appreciated. A person considers success an integral part of himself and his lifestyle. He does not have a vivid feeling of happiness from victory, because he is used to taking first places, he is chosen from hundreds of competitors, life itself pushes him to the heights and acquaintances with rich and successful people.

Despite the innate good taste, artistic talents and artistry, the owner of the trine Venus – Lilith does not know how to feel the contrast of life. Sometimes he perceives ugly forms as a facet of art, and the suffering of his neighbor is far from his positive way of life in every sense. He is desperately asked for help, and he perceives this as a polite request, which he does not have time to fulfill. This is not callousness, he simply internally smooths out any dissonance and really does not see that someone is drowning in a swamp of problems.

On the other hand, the owner of the trine Venus – Lilith somewhat idealizes human vices, which may consider that evil is good, without which good is invisible, or simply has a research interest in forbidden topics. His work is often associated with them, when the villain is endowed with features that arouse the sympathy of the audience.

At a low level of development, the beautiful Rose becomes an empty flower. It is easier for a person to be a parasite, attracting admirers and encouraging them to do everything for him, in gratitude he gives his presence and the opportunity to enjoy his charm, but does not give sincere love in return, as happens at the highest level of the aspect.

Trine Venus – Lilith and relationships

Love and passion are the main themes of the life of a native of any gender. Aspect helps him present himself advantageously in any situation. Such people seem regally luxurious or elegantly tidy, even if they have not washed their hair for several days and dressed in the nearest market, and not in a boutique. This helps them not to worry about their appearance, although of course they will not show up to a social reception in a tracksuit. Their style is always different from the generally accepted and attracts a lot of imitators.

It is impossible to forget the owners of the trine Venus – Lilith, because they are unique and inimitable. The secret is precisely in the combination of the artistry and mankost of the Black Moon and the charm of Venus. People around perceive them as a standard of beauty and sex appeal, not noticing the shortcomings. However, men and women themselves with this aspect are very critical of life partners. They can be painfully aesthetic in everyday matters, and if it is normal for a partner to openly demonstrate their physiology, they will not stay around for long. That is why it is better for them to live in a spacious house or apartment, and not in a odnushka where it is impossible to retire.

The owners of the trine Venus – Lilith want their spouses to be the most beautiful and desirable in the eyes of others. The wife of such a man will have to be the first lady, look like a million, and the companion of a lady with this trine will be obliged to take care of herself, dress stylishly and expensively, and even visit a beautician. Sometimes the native’s nagging can be completely unfounded, for example, a man will ask his wife to enlarge her breasts, and a woman will meticulously monitor her husband’s weight gain.

How to work out the trine Lilith – Venus

This aspect is a catalyst for various benefits: from material well-being to good luck in love. All that is required of the native is not to spoil his happiness with excessive selfishness and not to miss his luck by succumbing to laziness.

Creativity along the Venusian line helps a lot in this, when you need to shine on stage, dance, play various roles, and also create beauty with your hands. The owner of the trine Lilith – Venus should not be on the sidelines, dress poorly and modestly, limit oneself in pleasures: holidays, delicious food. Of course, observing a sense of proportion, one must rejoice at the possibilities of fate and be a source, not a consumer of love. Any talent is obligatory for development; this will increase the natural magnetism of the native. He was born to set the tone in beauty, fashion, art, and even if his profession is far from these areas, you should always be an example of good taste.

Opal-harlequin will enhance the influence of the trine Venus – Lilith.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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