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Trigon Venus-Saturn. Fiery verses in an icy rhythm

Trigon (trine) unites the planets of one element, awakening the best qualities of each with the support of this element. Interesting combinations occur when opposite and unfriendly celestial bodies meet in aspect, as in the Venus-Saturn trine. Can a frivolous beauty fall in love with an old sage?

It turns out that in such a union, flame and ice complement each other, giving rise to a just and noble person with a clear idea of ​​art and a deep understanding of beauty. The talent to feel proportions and rhythm, a fusion of sensuality and a solid moral code, gives great cultural figures and faithful loving spouses. However, the native’s self-esteem is often underestimated. He does not understand that he can be loved just like that and seeks to deserve this feeling by actions or gifts.

Possibilities of the Venus-Saturn trigon

Fiery passions are hidden behind an impeccable appearance, courtesy in communication and excellent manners. Holders of the Venus-Saturn trine confidently control their emotions and do not follow desires. They have well-developed intuition and creativity, but they also plan phased promotion and enrichment, not limited to the joy of demonstrating the creativity of the public, such as carriers of the Venus-Neptune aspect.

However, with evil Saturn, the abundance of complexes coming from childhood and the lack of confidence in their own attractiveness does not allow them to fully reveal themselves and puts an end to the career of an artist. But they can become brilliant star managers by skillfully managing PR companies and project budgets. Such a person will be lucky in applied art and painting, where the intensity of inner passions splashes out in static material through color and symbolism, as well as in architecture. External coldness and arrogance of the holders of the Venus-Saturn trine should not be discouraged. It is a social mask that hides a kind and sensitive heart. Maximum use of the trigon’s capabilities will help to remove it:

  • the ability to adapt to the psychological type of the interlocutor;
  • practicality, the desire to look perfect and perfectly perform work duties;
  • realization of character advantages in cooperation or with the patronage of high officials;
  • prosperity with the help of a wealthy spouse, for example, gives money to develop a personal business or brand;
  • activity, enterprise with a well-thought-out plan of action;
  • they take risks only when they are sure of a positive outcome of affairs or prepare a way out;
  • a great sense of balance promises success as a gymnast or figure skater.

The carriers of the Venus-Saturn trine are engaged in charity in deeds, not in words, sometimes in secret, but if they see that their material aid is simply consumed without changing their passive lifestyle, they ruthlessly stop supporting. For the sake of a great goal, they will not hesitate to sacrifice personal interests.

Love and family under the Venus-Saturn trine

The aspect complicates the native’s love relationship. Saturn is the reason for delays in marriage, especially when positioned in the 7th house . Objectively beautiful and dignified men and women, for some unknown reason, remain lonely until the age of 30-40, and then suddenly find family happiness.

However, with the Venus-Saturn trine, it is not biological age that is important, but internal maturity and prudence. If the native possesses it at the age of 20, then there is a suitable partner. Women have a desire to marry a rich and inaccessible man, for example, a celebrity, which slows down the development of events.

They can also choose a person much older than themselves for selfish reasons, and after 40, they suddenly fall in love and dramatically change their lifestyle.

With harmonious planets, a person expects great and bright love, not wasting on trifles, but having met, he tries to make every day happy, improving in the manifestation of warm feelings. Even if the fateful meeting does not take place for a long time, the native does not get upset, builds a career and spends time with numerous friends.

Practical interaction with the Venus-Saturn trigon

Aspect owners are encouraged to do sports as early as possible. These are figure skating, rhythmic gymnastics, athletics, ski jumping and diving. In addition, it is necessary to support the planet of love through the development of artistic talents. Trigon (trine) Venus-Saturn is favorable for writers, it helps to organize the workflow and not depend on inspiration.

Particular attention should be paid to self-confidence and not to expect happiness to come after gaining perfection in appearance and financial heights. It is worth loosening the bonds of complexes and believing that at any stage of your life you can be loved and respected, as a suitable partner appears. It is also important to realize that the tendency to fall passionately in love with cold and inaccessible people and to run away from warm loving embraces is a Saturnian influence.

To find happiness in love, you need to enhance the influence of Venus: girls through the enjoyment of spa treatments, the purchase of jewelry, outfits, and men will be helped by romantic courtship for the fair sex and especially gifts for women of any age. It is favorable to wear jewelry with Venus stones – diamond , emerald , rose quartz and malachite . Saturn in this aspect softens sodalite, larimar and chrysocolla, set in silver.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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