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Trine Ascending (Descending) Node – Chiron: diplomacy in action

Karmic lunar nodes stand in opposite signs to each other and symbolize the path of the native from the experience of a past life, and the generic karma accumulated before his birth, to the fulfillment of his unique destiny. The first step to build upon on the path of personal realization is the Descending South Node. However, the whole life of the native should be based on the principles of the North Ascending Node.

A planet in a trine with them suggests what energy can be used to complete both tasks.

Chiron is considered an asteroid, an adapter between the visible and invisible worlds, therefore it has a mystical effect on human life. The Chironian achieves all important goals easily, with the help of artistry, natural diplomacy and an innate connection with the subtle world, from where he receives visions or simply a clear understanding of how to act and where the people he needs are. The owners of this aspect become iconic and recognizable figures of their time: Brigitte Bardot, Emile Zola, Faina Ranevskaya, Bill Clinton, Vasilisa Volodina.

Karma of the trine of Chiron with the Ascending (Descending) node

Past incarnations taught a person to adapt well to any conditions and to feel what both society as a whole and a particular person need in close communication.

A trigon with lunar nodes is a sign of good karma that the native has earned thanks to the highest Chironian qualities: wit, erudition, artistry, communication skills, as well as the main and rare skill: the ability to reconcile the warring parties and calm the conflict.

Few people know that the centaur Chiron, who was the teacher of many heroes of antiquity, often acted as an arbiter in disputes. Even the gods listened to his wise advice. According to legend, Hercules accidentally wounded Chiron with a poisonous arrow, and the torment lasted for a long time until Zeus took him to heaven, making him an asteroid. Therefore, in astrology, it is associated with eternal non-healing vulnerability and vulnerability. The sign and the house where Chiron stands will show exactly what the deep uncertainty of the native is expressed in.

In a past life, the owners of the trigon of Chiron with the Ascending and Descending nodes also received some kind of trauma, mental or physical, but did not break, retained their love of life, optimism, drawing inspiration from art. They brought the light of joy to other people by helping them cope with similar problems. Trauma prompted someone to engage in healing, someone found himself in creativity, but one thing is certain – they have become an example and a source of inspiration for many.

That is why now a person has been given the opportunity to be in sight again and experience a similar experience in order to reach a new level of an artist, diplomat and psychologist.

Features of the Trine of Chiron with the Descending Node

This is a very useful and practical aspect, despite the claims of some astrologers that the combination of Chiron and Ketu does not significantly affect a person’s life. However, the real stories of the owners of such a trine show that in critical situations, an understanding suddenly comes of what to do in order to get out of the impasse, crisis or trap. Some inner knowledge, courage, creativity are turned on, and a person gets out of incredibly difficult situations or even wins.

The fact is that Chiron is very fond of repeating the past. Many owners of the trine Chiron – South Node note the frequent occurrence of deja vu: as if this or that event has already happened to them before. This means that their tribal memory is turned on, and from there comes clairvoyance. In addition, such people are initially artistic and flexible in terms of adapting to any situation. If they are religious, then it is worth praying to them, then the answer immediately comes thanks to an open channel of communication with the subtle world.

Unlike other aspects of the Descending Node with the planets, the trine with Chiron allows you to develop safely in the sphere of the house and sign where they stand. Usually the South Node limits the person, but not in this case. But there is also a difficulty: the native will have to combine the energies of both nodes in the realization of the destination on two topics, or lead a double life.

Features of the Trine of Chiron with the Ascending Node

These people are born marketers. They feel the pains and needs of society and skillfully play on them, creating advertising for their product, acting images and even a personal brand in business. Whoever they are in their specialty, there is always a game and creative courage in their life.

Trigon of Chiron with the North Node is the key to any success, however, most often, a person goes to fame and success through pain and demonstrating his wound as a highlight of his personal image. This is also a family memory. A person remembers how in a past life he helped others, overcoming stress and crisis. In this incarnation there are no such problems, but the native invents them. After all, the trine of Chiron with the Ascending Node means the sextile of the centaur asteroid with the Descending: the development of talent through pain.

So Brigitte Bardot considered herself an unloved daughter all her life and sought salvation in numerous novels, and Faina Ranevskaya did not believe that she would marry without being a classic beauty.

However, there are those who overcame difficulties and became the idol of their time, skillfully combining the contradictions and searches of society: Amadeus Mozart, Sophia Loren, Michel Nostradamus.

A happy accident and the ability to play the role necessary to move to the top of fame played a huge role in their destinies, and most importantly, people saw the modern era in them.

The native is destined to be a diplomat and an artist in any field of activity. You need to be flexible, open to negotiations and accept the help of high-ranking officials.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Chiron Trine South Node:


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