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Trigon Ascending (Descending) Node – Moon: karma to the heart

The moon is the true heart of the natal chart . It can be used to determine the level of emotionality, empathy, receptivity, love for oneself and the world, and especially relationships with the mother and the female hypostasis. This is a symbol of the inner comfort necessary for a person, without which he will not be able to realize himself normally on social planets.

A trigon with lunar nodes means that a person lives according to his heart, and his karmic task coincides with the inner desires of the soul.

These are born healers and rescuers, doctors and artists, but they can be happy in the modest role of a mother or father of a family, creating comfort around them. The moon in the monastery gives harmony to the mind and subconscious, but if it is in exile or fall, you will have to face problems even despite the favorable energy of the trine.

Moon Trine Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

This aspect is one of the most favorable. It means that in the past incarnation, the native lived a pious harmonious life, took care of his relatives, served the motherland through the disclosure of his talents and abilities, or actually protected it from enemies. Men and women with the Node Moon trine are sensitive, kind and helpful.

The innate ability to guess the needs and thoughts of another person helps them achieve their goals and along the way make friends and admirers. However, the karmic tasks of the Ascending Node are different from those of the Descending Node.

In this case, in the past incarnation, the native realized that the family is the highest value and happiness, only towards the end of life. Perhaps for many years a person could not be constantly with his loved ones, although he really wanted to, because he served the state or personally the ruler, was engaged in medicine or healing, and was reunited with his family only in old age. Another option is a complex relationship with mother, wife, children, which the native was able to harmonize also at the end of the earthly path. The Moon trine with the Ascending Node will give him the necessary energy and a happy opportunity to create a strong loving family, as well as maintain friendly relations with his mother.

A descending node, on the contrary, implies that all this has already been in a past incarnation. The native does not experience difficulties in his personal life, he has strong nerves and a talent for winning over people. Women favor the owner of the aspect, regardless of his gender. However, the peculiarity of the South Node is that if you live only according to the scenario of the past incarnation, continuing to be a housewife or an infantile artist whose life is organized by women, burnout and disappointment occur.

The trine of the Moon with the Descending Node is most often accompanied by a sextile with the Ascending, which means that it is in the house of his position that you need to develop new talents and abilities in yourself.

Features of the Moon Trine with the Descending Node

It is extremely important for a person to have an oasis of calm in the family. If he quarrels with his children, wife or mother, then everything goes awry, and even favorable opportunities pass by. The source of strength here is creativity in all its manifestations: music, dance, painting, as well as psychology and esotericism. Thanks to this, the native does not drown in the usual routine and life, which very often happens when the Moon trine with the South Node, but feels a huge potential for development in the northern direction as well. When creating a family, in no case should you forget about yourself and your desires. The love of loved ones should be a support for take-off, but not the only value.

But in fulfilling the mission in the affairs of the house and the sign of the North Node, lunar qualities will be very useful: the ability to adapt to changing conditions, artistry, sympathy, compassion, intuition and responsiveness. The mother, and the man also has a wife, can prevent the native from leaving the comfort zone of the Descending Node, gaining new experience when choosing a specialty, job, country of residence, but it is important to resolve conflicts gently and kindly. Periodically, the temptation comes to abandon the family altogether and do what you love, but happiness is possible only in the symbiosis of both.

Answers to many questions, as well as fragments of memories from a past life, often come to a person in a dream.

Features of the moon trine with the ascending node

Men and women with this aspect fall in love early and, as a rule, with the one who is destined for them by fate. This is a nice trine bonus in gratitude for the selfless service to the family or people of their homeland. The problem is that the native is accustomed to taking care of others on a large and large scale, as well as burning with what he loves.
In the same incarnation, the karmic task:

  • create a strong happy family, be a devoted husband or wife;
  • maintain a warm and trusting relationship with the mother, and if the Moon is initially in Capricorn, Aquarius or Gemini, for example, which means there is a lack of care and mutual understanding, then build them on a new level of trust;
  • being a loving parent to children, which means being there when they need it.

Of course, it is not necessary to give up a career and social life, but it is important to remember that the potential for strength and luck is revealed only if the native fulfills the above three conditions. It is very good to work in lunar directions: the field of nutrition and beauty, in the field of psychology and childcare (ideally – a child psychologist or pediatrician), art and pedagogy. For detailing, it is important to correctly compare the spheres of houses and signs of the Moon and the North Node.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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