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Trigon Ascending (Descending) Node – Saturn: through thorns to the stars

The axis of karmic knots is the support of all human life. This is a vector of movement from talents, mistakes and habits of behavior in a past life, indicated by the Descending (South) Node, to new heights and experience of the Ascending (Northern). The native is given life to remember his positive skills, work out his mistakes, and with this baggage go to a completely new area of development.

A planet in a trine with any of the nodes fills each of them with its own energy. However, when it comes to Saturn , things are not so simple. Usually this planet causes fear. She is a stern examiner and requires discipline, adherence to principles, hard work from the ward. If a person meets these criteria, then his fame, achievements and wealth, created by tireless work, are preserved for centuries. Saturn does not like lazy people, idly waiting for desires to be fulfilled by themselves. In this case, the trigon with karmic knots simply will not let the native out of a modest comfort zone with rigid boundaries.

Saturn Trine Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

Saturn is not only a limiter that hinders the development of a person with various obstacles. It is also a symbol of a long successful career, healthy ambition, and most importantly, longevity. He simply patronizes those who can separate the main from the secondary, independently refuses idleness, wastefulness and empty pastime for the sake of the main goal. The planet at the top of the trine (although in this case most often the trine occurs with one of the nodes, and the second turns out to be in sextile with Saturn) fills the past and the future with its energy.

The aspect with the Descending Node indicates that the person held a high and responsible position in a past life and, most likely, had influence until old age. This is a sign of rulers who bear the yoke of duty and concern for their people. There is no talk of balls, feasts and entertainment, only work, security, organization of the law and ensuring the financial well-being of the wards.

Regardless of gender, the native was the head of a family or corporation, but he was also served faithfully, and he was more of a symbol of power and a think tank. In this life, now it is better for him to be in the place of his subjects, to become a faithful and devoted executor of someone else’s will, the main thing is that the boss is also a worthy person.

The trigon of Saturn with the Ascending Node, on the contrary, says that the goal of the life of the native is a career and the creation of a new world in society, innovation with an emphasis on good old truths, such as improving the financial or political system, creating new computer technologies, architecture, comfortable and comfortable houses for people.

In a past life, the native faithfully served the interests of others, now it’s time to show what he himself is capable of as a leader and organizer. There will be many obstacles on the way, and in order to prepare for them, you need to carefully study the parameters of the house where the South Node stands.

Features of the trine of Saturn with the Descending Node

Even the favorable aspects of the limiting planet create tension in the life of the native, although not as strong as a square or opposition, but before shooting a favorable alignment of circumstances, the trine with the South Node still thoroughly limits the native.

This is a kind of training of willpower and accustoming to discipline. A person can be born into a poor family or forced to take care of elderly relatives, which really does not allow him to have fun and wallow in front of the TV. He has to work from an early age, and since the subconscious mind keeps the memory of the times when he ruled or was endowed with power, the desire to return this power encourages him to study, work, organize his time competently in order to have time to fulfill his duties, and at the same time, fulfill dreams.

Any aspect of a planet with a Descending Node suggests that in the affairs of the houses where they stand, a person needs to give more than take if he decides to live according to the South Node and is not in a hurry to the North. But it is very difficult for Saturn’s wards to give more, because they do not believe that what they have sacrificed will be fully returned to them. Therefore, it is much easier to become not a leader-manager, but his executive director or deputy, as well as the chief accountant. Creative professions are not excluded, but you will have to work hard and hone your skills, since this is not exactly the experience of the past, which gives the ease of performing experience.

Features of the trine of Saturn with the Ascending Node

The planet of karma indicates some kind of obstacle created by the South Node, which can be overcome through the energies of the North (Ascending). If he stands in the sign of the earth, perhaps the problem of life is real estate and finances, air – worldview issues, water – culture and religion, fire – social status. All this can be obtained through hard work.

The karmic task is to work and accumulate the missing qualities and material values. The talent of the native is the ability to be in harmony with the dominant trends recognized in society, and to build a career based on generally accepted moral criteria.

At the same time, we must not forget that the trine Saturn – the North Node involves the creation of something new through the improvement of the old system. This is the key to success. Whatever the native does, his task is to become a professional in this business, and then find new forms. For example, if this is construction, you need to study all types of materials, the canons of architecture, the qualities and properties of modern houses, and then improve all this.

Even in literature or art, a native needs to create a new genre if he wants to become famous, and not just be a follower of other people’s achievements.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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