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Ruler of the 1st house in the 1st house – leader as a way of life

In order to understand how the theme of the house will manifest itself in a certain area of human life, it is necessary to correctly decipher the interconnections of houses. Any forecast is made first of all through the disposition ( the ruler of the house and the sign ), and only then the aspects between the sectors of the horoscope are taken into account. In contrast, the influence of rulers cannot be characterized as negative or positive.

The 1st house reveals the personality and appearance of a person, how exactly he applies the qualities of character, talents and uniqueness in real life in order to achieve what he wants. Depending on the influence of the symbolic and real rulers, others will see the true uniqueness or social mask, because you need a certain courage to reveal your temperament, character and personal style.

Ruler of the Ascendant in the 1st house

The first sector of the horoscope is the basis of the natal chart . It is associated with the primary awareness of oneself in the world, the formation of a personality from birth to 7 years, and subsequently, with that part of the ego that influences all further choices of the native in the following houses. This is where the Ascendant falls , which determines the social role of the owner of the horoscope, how others see him, his personal style and behavior in society.

The symbolic ruler of the 1st house is Mars , however, in this case it is more important to look at the significator of the Ascendant, because it is he who will rule not only the house, but the entire map , and therefore have the strongest influence on a person’s whole life.

It happens that the Rising sign of a real horoscope coincides with the symbolic numbering, that is, the Ascendant in Aries, and if Mars, its ruler, is in the 1st house, this is a sign of a strong leader, leader and warrior, however, it can both lead to light and subdue everyone and become a tyrant.

Considering that Mars here will influence the entire horoscope, one way or another a person will rush to success in the affairs of any house, and here it is already important to evaluate its aspects with other planets in order to build a working strategy for the future ruler of the world.

If the Ascendant falls into another sign, for example, Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon, it is important to see if there are harmonious aspects with Mars as a symbolic ruler, which is important for successful self-realization.

The general meaning of the ruler of 1 house in 1 house

With this position of the significator, the influence of any sign on a person is enhanced, and if the weak position of the Sun is also added, others can read the influence of the Ascendant as the main characteristic. For example, consider the native Leo, although his Sun is in Libra.

The second point is that the native is only interested in himself, especially in appearance and social realization, and the opinion of others is absolutely irrelevant. Self-centeredness can manifest itself in two forms:

  • negative – an overestimated sense of self-importance, selfishness, indifference to other people. If the Ascendant is in the signs of fire and air, then they only talk about themselves, suppress the interlocutor, go over their heads to their goals.
  • positive – a person does not whine, does not sit idly by, but boldly decides his fate. He is his own producer and PR manager, he knows how to create a bright and memorable, and most importantly, a unique style. This is a self-made leader. Most often, these people include wards of the elements of fire and earth. The air native is too careless, and the water native is shy.

Regardless of the level of development, the owner of the ruler of the 1st house in the 1st house decides his own destiny. No one wishes harm to himself, and most often these are lucky and prosperous people. The problem is brought only by the negative aspects of the ruler, which distort consciousness and worldview, for example, with Lilith or Chiron, as well as Neptune and Uranus.

With positive aspects, a person easily achieves success, he has a good relationship with his parents and there is no shortage of admirers. His heart can be won by paying a lot of attention and talking a lot about things that interest him.

It happens that three signs fall into 1 house. Particular attention should be paid to the aspects between the ruler of the cusp of the 1st sector with the significator planets of other constellations. They will also indicate talents and character traits that will help the native to reveal himself. The place of their position will tell under what circumstances this will happen.

How to increase the positive influence of the ruler of the 1st house in the 1st house

First of all, you need to try to harmonize all the negative aspects, if any, and make the most of the positive ones.

Even if the planet is without connections with other houses, you need to study its qualities and try to reveal them through yourself. Even Pluto in the 1st house, which is often blamed for injuries and danger provocations, can be a source of strength, power and wealth, if the native studies himself in the smallest detail, understands where his winning sides are and where his shortcomings are. It is important to know this both in relation to appearance, figure, manner of speaking and behavior, as well as character, dreams and purpose.

The owners of the ruler of the 1st house in the 1st house are constantly trying on different images, choosing the leading image. If they choose it correctly, they will be successful, because such people express themselves and their inner world through an external image, accessories, memorable gestures and intonations. They need to allow themselves a variety of self-expression in different social roles, not getting hung up on one. The most artistic are the owners of the Moon and Neptune as rulers of the 1st house.

It is desirable for the native to choose professions where he can show leadership qualities, especially if there are male signs and many planets in the 1st house, or creative ones, if water signs fall there.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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