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Ruler of the 1st house in the 7th house is the hostage of relationships

The planet that rules the 1st house influences the fate of a person through a chain of choices, habits, tastes and preferences. The first sector of the natal chart is responsible for the character and appearance of a person. The Ascendant is located there, it is also an ascending sign, according to which the surrounding people perceive the native as a future partner and interlocutor. The house where the ruler of the Ascendant is located will show in what circumstances the personality of a person and the most important topics for him will develop.

If this is the 7th sector , then the issue of relationships comes to the fore. The native is only happy if he has a reliable and loving partner and many friends. The fear of loneliness makes him look for compromises on the external plane, because he will never change his true values, but will try to adapt to the circumstances. These are people with excellent acting skills and the gift of diplomacy, but very often they give in to others to their own detriment.

Influence of the ruler of the Ascendant in the 7th house

The ascendant shapes the character, style, demeanor and communication, which in turn create destiny. That is why it is important to understand your strengths from an astrological point of view. Having opened them to the maximum, it becomes easier to attract the desired social circle and favorable circumstances.

For owners of the ruler of the 1st house in the 7th house, success in any field is unthinkable without friends, associates, loved ones, and even public speaking. A person needs an audience that, ideally, will listen to his every word, admire and follow his advice.

This is not always the case, especially if there are tense aspects in the 1st and 7th houses, but in any case, the native is endowed with the talents of a speaker, actor, and peacemaker from birth. He knows how to beautifully express feelings in words, stop a fight with a firm statement, but on the other hand, he can also act as a devil’s advocate, switching to the side of the enemy, as if reincarnated as him.

This weather vane effect seems to be beneficial, helping to understand both sides in conflicts and competition, but very often prevents a person from deciding on the choice of darkness or light. He finds himself in the position of “a friend among strangers, a stranger among his own”, which causes people to unconsciously distrust him. Fear of rejection forces him to mimic those people among whom he wants to be, changing his appearance and character to please them. The native can often change his appearance to suit his partner’s tastes. If he likes blondes, then girls dye their hair, and men grow mustaches or lose weight at the request of their wife.

General influence of the ruler of the 1st house in the 7th house

The nature of the native’s relationship will depend on the strength of his ruler, but in 90% of cases a person becomes emotionally dependent not only on love, but also on a business partnership. He tries to please, he is afraid of losing the alliance with other people and therefore does not even bargain, agreeing to their conditions, sighing to himself that he will have to adapt again.

If the 1st house is in the signs of water, then highly developed sacrifice and empathy, on the one hand, help to understand a partner at the level of feelings, and on the other hand, they do not make it possible to separate from him, whether it be a husband or wife, parent or boss. Next to him, the native loses self-determination and becomes a puppet.

The ruler of the 1st house in the 7th house can manifest itself in 2 ways:

  • positive – personal development through useful social activities in the field of culture, diplomacy, politics. A person grows spiritually, even experiencing failures in love, draws conclusions and becomes stronger.
  • negative – dependence on abusers and tyrants, constant conflicts and strife in the family and at work.

The nature of the response varies depending on the sign of the 7th house, where the ruler stands. For example, if it is:

  • Aries and Sagittarius – friendly solidarity and support;
  • Leo – arrogant condescension to the conditions of the enemy;
  • Virgo and Gemini – the desire to please, give compliments, do the dirty work for a partner in order to appreciate;
  • Libra – complete submission, easily succumb to any promises and persuasion, even to the detriment of oneself;
  • Pisces – agree to patronize, heal, take care, carry all the hardships for a couple of kind words.

Despite the fact that there are many fans around the native all the time, the relationship begins at the initiative of the other side, and they surrender to the mercy of the winner. The same thing happens in terms of disconnection. The native endures for a long time, but does not dare to end the relationship that has become obsolete or is afraid to hurt another.

How to increase the positive influence of the ruler of the 1st house in the 7th house

A person needs to become the master of his relationship, not waiting for the object of sympathy to pay attention to him. Men should act more decisively: make a marriage proposal, prepare a contract and the necessary papers to formalize a partnership or guardianship, and women will need to work on internal settings.

If they take the first step in a relationship, this will not save them from addiction, but it is worth gaining inner support, working with a psychologist on resentment against parents, friends, ex-men, as life begins to change. They will simply stop attracting partners in the old destructive scenarios.

The owners of the ruler of the 1st house in the 7th house do not need to wait for their partner to make them happy, they will have to learn to become so on their own, and when choosing a couple, do not focus on the qualities that you like in yourself, but pay attention to loyalty, nobility and devotion to the family.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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