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Ascending (or North) – Descending node in sextile with the Sun

The lunar nodes symbolize the karmic experience of a person, showing what to push off from and where to move. The South Descending Ketu suggests what and where to give to people, since the cup of karma is full, and the North Ascending Rahu is aimed at learning, accumulating new skills and neural connections. By themselves, they are neutral and serve as pointers and tips, however, when the planet forms a connection with them, it seems to turn on and lead the person along. The sign and house of the aspect with nodes specify the task of a person, show the direction for action.

Unlike the conjunction, the sextile of the Sun with the Ascending and Descending Nodes is felt weaker. Providence does not lead the native, and circumstances do not add up to an escalator leading to success. This is an aspect of good mood, optimism, bright giftedness, but you will have to work hard so that it starts working for good, and not for harm.

Sun sextile karma with ascending (descending) nodes

Symbolically, Rahu enhances the meaning of the planet, and Ketu seems to block it. A sextile, unlike a trine, has a short-term effect. This is a window of opportunity and jumping into it while lying on the couch will not work. However, the sextile of the Sun with the Rising Node is a great success.

In a past life, the talents of the native brought many benefits. He periodically showed leadership qualities, which was also for the benefit of people. Now he is given the opportunity to rightfully use the accumulated energy of luck. The sign where the Sun is located will tell you in which area it will be lucky, subject to active actions. In addition, it cannot be ignored, it is a zone of relentless growth.

The native should not expect that leadership will be cloudless and it is better to perceive difficulties as a certain training in the skill of a leader. However, he will have a good career, a successful marriage and many adventures.

The sextile of the Sun with the Descending Node is not as fatal as the conjunction with it. It also indicates innate talents, which are easier to manifest than when the Sun is in a similar aspect with the Ascending Node, because there is already a memory in the subconscious of how this skill was practiced in a past life. There may be 2 options:

  • a person does not receive material and spiritual satisfaction from his gift: he cannot be monetized, he is criticized a lot, enemies weave intrigues and destroy plans;
  • the native easily and without tension receives profit and admiration, as soon as he declares his desire to become a leader and creator, but when faced with envy, he can withdraw into himself and refuse the gift.

In the first case, the owner of the horoscope deals with negative karma when he was a vain and proud type, and in the second, despite the initial ease

achievement of the goal, is obliged to pass the test of courage, which he failed in the previous incarnation, abandoning the dream due to fear of criticism and condemnation.

Sun sextile talents with the Rising Node

The native is well aware of the prevailing trends in society and tries to join one of the areas of politics, art, literature, sports, in order to lead them over time. At first, he chooses the tactics of collecting information and systematically mastering the skill.

It is easy for a person to win over those around him and win their sympathy in a practical way, although at first there is a danger that he can rake coals with the hands of friends and associates or copy someone else’s skill, but the main thing here is not to hang in this intermediate state, but to find your own unique style .

Depending on the sign where the Sun stands, it will be seen whether the talents of the native will manifest themselves in music, acting, painting, chemistry (Pisces), politics, sports, military affairs, pedagogy (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius), science, medicine, psychology ( Virgo, Gemini, Scorpio), but it is better to look at the synthesis of the signs of Rahu and the Sun.

Thanks to the ability to enlist the sympathy and support of high-ranking officials, the native will easily succeed in any field, but a miracle will not happen by itself. You need to make a plan of action, tirelessly learn by doing and improve or acquire the talents and skills necessary to achieve the goal.

Descending Node Sun Sextile Talents

The native has a deep and dramatic gift in the sphere of the sign where the Sun is located. There is a confident intuitive knowledge of how to turn any circumstances to your advantage, especially if the card is dominated by positive aspects. Tense configurations can knock down the needle of the internal compass, but then the talent of the actor comes into play.

The native knows how to act out any performance in order to get what he wants: throw a tantrum with tears and pleas at the MFC to obtain the necessary certificate or “faint” at an exam for which he did not have time to prepare.

Pretty early, a person discovers that he can easily lead the masses and manipulate people, although at a high level of development this gift helps him become a prominent politician, a charismatic teacher who is listened to with his mouth open, and of course, an artist of any genre. The main task is not to use personal magnetism and acting talents to the detriment of other people. It is too likely that in a past life the native acted for personal gain, and now he needs to give more. If he occupies the post of an official or a politician, it is important to do a lot for people. An artist can give charity concerts, and a teacher can conduct free electives. Then the higher forces will not interfere with the manifestation of a person’s talent in the outside world.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Sun Sextile South Node:


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