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Ascending (or North) – Descending Node conjunct Ascendant

Few people manage to competently and harmoniously distribute the energy of the Lunar nodes in their lives in order to take the necessary knowledge of the depths of the clan through the Descending South, and at the same time gain new experience in the direction indicated by the Ascending North. If there is a planet next to one of them, within 5 degrees, the themes of this house will dominate in life.

The Ascendant is a social, and sometimes a carnival mask of a person. Sometimes he completely merges with it, and sometimes it is a planned image for communication and business, one of the facets of his “I”. In conjunction with the North Node, it gives rise to an insatiable desire to know the world through oneself: victories, defeats, sensuality, education. It can be a luminous leader or a monstrous egoist. The union with the South Node calls for giving others personal experience, achievements, insights. This is a generous teacher or an uncomplaining victim of circumstances.

Karmic influence of the connection of the Ascending and Descending nodes with the Ascendant

When the axis of nodes merges with the Ascendant-Descendant axis, a person’s whole life revolves around relationships and finding one’s place in them. The merger of the South Node with the Descendant means that a person has already learned to compromise with others, which means that the task of his North Node in the Ascending sign is to become a self-sufficient person with his own opinion, influence, status. The sign of the Ascendant will emphasize the specifics of this task: Capricorn – a high position in society, Gemini, Virgo – an academic degree, Leo – wealth, creativity, Scorpio – power, depths of secret knowledge, as an option.

In a past life, a person served other people’s interests, now it is important for him to develop and receive personal recognition. At the same time, the native most often does not feel connected with the family or deliberately ignores the experience of the past, is eager for everything new, fashionable, unknown, can leave the country or adopt another religion, which is not always good, because here it is especially important to accept, and not to reject the experience gained by the ancestors.

The connection of the South Node with the Ascendant suggests that in a past life a person devoted too much time to himself, and now he has been excluded from the flow of visible energy. If you want to stop being invisible, you need to give. Again, the Rising sign will show what exactly to give people: knowledge, artistry, self-confidence. For example, if the connection of the South Node with the Ascendant is in Scorpio, then unlike the aspect with the North Node, where it is necessary to gain personal power and authority, the native needs to help other people become influential members of society. That is, these people are born to transmit the light of knowledge to others, remaining in the shadows, and then they will be noticed.

The influence of the connection of the Ascending node with the Ascendant on men and women

Owners of this aspect are almost always worried about problems with partners. They are far-fetched when it seems to the native that their husband or wife is not as beautiful as others, they lack charisma, status, talents, although in reality they simply ruin their own lives, trying to assert themselves by belittling their spouses.

However, there is a second option, when a person unconsciously chooses the “wrong” partner in order to reach his destiny and calling by connecting the Ascending Node with the Ascendant. For example, a woman with this aspect only in marriage understands how much the position of a housewife hurts her, and tired of problems with an authoritarian husband and lack of money, she begins to master a remote profession or looks for answers in astrology, finds and becomes an astro-consultant.

Once the native finds himself, the relationship magically improves or another partner comes along.

A man with a North Node-Ascendant connection also cannot be a ladies’ man on errands with powerful women. He should put success in society in the first place, work and mission according to the sign of the Ascendant and the Meridian of the Midheaven, then everything will be fine in personal relationships and family.

The influence of the connection of the Descending Node with the Ascendant in men and women

The mission of a native of any gender is to give a huge amount of empirical and theoretical experience to the world. However, in the past man was a solitary missionary. In this life, one cannot refuse the cooperation and help of other people.

It is very difficult for men and women with the connection of the South Node to the Ascendant to start a family, as they are too used to being leaders. For old times’ sake, they try to dominate, defend their freedom and the right to make the final decision. If you persist in this direction, then fate deliberately brings together with more powerful partners. They teach to adapt to the character and opinion of another, even if it has to be learned through abuse. Women most often meet authoritarian husbands with whom they have to negotiate, and men fall in love with freedom-loving, independent and even bitchy ladies. The owners of the aspect divorce and remarry many times in search of true love.

However, through the experience of such strange relationships, there is an accumulation of resources for partnership. A person begins to truly appreciate loving, selfless, ready to help and support, heals from egocentrism and creates a truly productive partnership on an equal footing, both in the family and in business.

It is normal for those who have a South Node conjunction with the Ascendant to be in obscurity in their youth. You need to use this time to remember the talents and skills of a past life and gain new experience. Popularity and success will come when the native begins to give, teach and help.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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