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Ascending (or North) – Descending node conjunct Lilith

Lilith (Black Moon) is a fictitious point that denotes dark desires, temptations and karmic sins in the family. It draws in like a bottomless cosmic hole, causing an irresistible desire to engage in precisely these things, even to the detriment of oneself. The ascending lunar node usually helps a person to freely open up in the theme of the planet that stands next to him, but in this case, the strengthening of Lilith’s influence will only be for the benefit of a strong spirit, because she distorts the vision of her path, which means that she can acquire the necessary skills and abilities according to her highest floor will be very difficult.

The connection of the Descending Lunar Node blocks the energies of the planet in alliance with it, but the Black Moon always creates distortions and temptations, respectively, either it will be easier for the native to cope with them (at a high level of development), or any sinful intention will return as a karmic boomerang: stole – lost, gossip – suffered from intrigue. The main thing is to hold out until the age of 37, when the influence of Lilith will gradually disappear.

The karmic impact of the connection of the Ascending (Descending) nodes with Lilith

This aspect is complex. To understand it, you need to know the history of your family well. Most often there are some crimes, fatal passions or simply recurring mistakes and weaknesses, but bright talents and abilities according to Lilith are not excluded, which the native needs to pick up and reveal.

For example, one of the ancestors did not reveal his gift because of alcoholism or laziness, and now one cannot succumb to the same temptations. The owner of the connection of the Ascending (North Node) with the Black Moon will have to develop according to the program of the South (Descent Node) longer than others.

This is a guarantee of safety, because before mastering the dark arts, you need to remember the baggage of past experience. For example, if the connection is in Virgo, then the main work will go through the Descending Node in Pisces. Usually, until the age of 28-30, the native will restrain his addiction to trifles and look for answers both to small questions and to large problems analyzed in detail in his head, in art, esotericism, psychology in the Pisces zone.

If the connection of the Ascending Node with Lilith in Aries, then a person up to 30 years old will live according to the law of diplomacy and in the neutrality of Libra, studying the Martian manifestations, and only then decide on them himself.

The descending node in close connection with Lilith has the opposite effect. The native runs away from the usual picture of the world, is afraid of his desires, but quickly masters the Rahu program.

There is another option: there were so many problems and dark secrets in the family that access to them seemed to be blocked. The native has to work hard to reveal the talents and abilities that are assigned to him by birthright, overcoming doubts and obstacles, while avoiding vicious consequences.

Lilith in conjunction with the Ascending Node is a kind of insurance against hasty hobbies by the dark side of permissiveness on the subject of the sign, and the union with the Descending Node is a guard against repeating the mistakes of past lives. At the same time, this is a sign that the ancestors did not cope with some problems and passed them on to their descendants.

The effect of the connection of the Ascending node with Lilith on men and women

The owners of the aspect, as a rule, come to understand their destiny by the age of 40. Until that time, most live and work according to the programs of the South Node, because Lilith’s passionate intensity at a young age is not easy to withstand. It is the accumulated knowledge and wisdom over the years that help to realize the destiny on the highest floor of Lilith, as, for example, was the case with the founder of the “Formula of the Soul” system A.A. Astrogora, who lived for a long time in the South Node in Libra, doing theatrical work, and created an innovative unique system in astrology already in the 2nd half of his life.

Up to 30-37 years there is a period of testing on the theme of the Black Moon. Here it is important to look at the sign where Rahu connects with Lilith. If this is Gemini, there will be a temptation to gossip and intrigue, when it literally drags you into a whirlpool of a burning desire to wash the bones of enemies or set up ingenious traps.

Men with this position strive to create a new ideology in their inner circle or steal what is badly lying, for example, in production.

Lilith and the North Node in Leo are an exam for adequate ambition and a test of vanity. That is, situations constantly arise where the native becomes the winner, and his task is not to catch star disease.

It is difficult not to succumb to temptation, moreover, there is also a certain lesson in this, familiarity with the consequences. Every 9 years there is a meeting with a karmic boomerang, when a person experiences on himself what he has caused to others. It is important to draw conclusions in time and develop along the highest floor of Lilith, not forgetting about the topics of the sign of the South Node.

The effect of the Descending Node connection with Lilith in men and women

Fake points tend to affect people in general, regardless of their gender. The union of Ketu and Lilith also creates an unconscious desire to run away immediately to the topic of the North Node, which is not entirely good, because here, as in the first case, it is necessary to find the root of evil: to unearth the mistakes and crimes of the clan, so as not to repeat the fate of the ancestors on the machine, but also and develop existing talents. However, the memory of the negative consequences of a past life can be so painful that men and women themselves do not understand why they refuse the gift of a musician, singer, teacher, leader, leaving in an absolutely opposite direction. This is sometimes facilitated by negative tendencies in the environment, for example, a person with the connection of Lilith and Ketu in Pisces can grow up in a circle of artists with drug addictions and frivolous behavior, and as soon as he grows up,

However, if he first showed himself along the line of connection of Lilith with the Descending Node in a positive way, and only then switched to the Ascending Node program, especially if there is also a planet there, the path to success would become shorter.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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