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Ascending (or North) – Descending node conjunct Uranus

The lunar nodes show: what kind of karmic experience you need to leave, where to strive, fulfilling your highest destiny, and most importantly, they provide the necessary knowledge and tools with which this can be done. According to legend, the knots are the head and tail of the mythical Dragon. The ascending node gives the gluttony of the fiery mouth. There are no barriers to the fulfillment of desires on the topic of the planet in conjunction, but there is also no satisfaction from victories. Descending – a tail that blocks the energy of the aspect, due to the severity of the sins of the family. They need to be worked out and the power of the house and the sign should be brought to the top floor.

Uranus is the highest planet, which means that its influence is associated with general social trends and especially fashion. If there is a connection with the Ascending (North) node, you need to keep up with the times, slightly ahead of it, in no case criticizing modern laws in politics, economics, culture, supporting innovative technologies. You can create new ones, make discoveries, but not in opposition to the old ones, but relying on them. The connection of Uranus with the Descending (South) Node also hints at an alliance with modernity, but with the observance of accepted rules, the rejection of eccentrics and the desire to shock.

The Karmic Impact of Uranus Conjunction with Ascending and Descending Nodes

The North Node is like a portal to the desired reality, where everything you want is possible. The planet in conjunction with it denotes the area of activity where in the past a person or his ancestors showed maximum kindness, honesty, nobility. Uranus is innovation, research, freshness of thinking, discoveries for the benefit of humanity.

The native is a modern Prometheus, and his mission is to bring the fire of secret knowledge to people, regardless of obstacles. However, it is important not to go into the flames of revolution, to create something new, relying on the foundation of what has been done before, and not blindly destroy it. In a past life, the discoveries of the native helped many people, he acted outside the box and boldly. He could be a doctor who grew an antibiotic from mold, performed a cesarean on a dying woman in labor, or a scientist who devoted his life to the study of electrical impulses. For this, in the current incarnation, he received the freedom for even greater research for the benefit of the world. By themselves, new people, teachers and circumstances will arise that contribute to the development of the talents of the owner of the horoscope.

The connection of Uranus with the Descending Node speaks of the harmful and destructive research and actions of the native in the past. He could be a revolutionary or a scientist who experimented on others, a politician who believed that the end justifies the means, and introduced theories of the superiority of one social group and race over others, an apologist for fascist ideology. Now any such ideas will be blocked or harm him at the level of the physical body. It is important to follow the path of goodness, and to show the desire to be special and bright in creativity.

Effects of the conjunction of the Ascending Node with Uranus on men and women

Uranus, like Mercury, is a sexless planet, so it is difficult to separate its influence on a man or a woman separately. When merged with Rahu, she gives an incredible need for freedom to create and act as one wants. It is easier for the representatives of the stronger sex to do this. They can plunge headlong into research, testing new computer programs, astrological theories, and at the same time there will always be a muse that will provide him with a cozy rear and good food.

A woman with the connection of Uranus and the Ascending Node also needs freedom, travel, immersion in her favorite work, but if she also needs to deal with everyday life, she feels constrained. Sometimes she consciously refuses her family or prefers a guest marriage, especially if the aspect affects the 5th or 7th house. These people were born to fulfill a high mission, so you can’t expect homeliness, reliability and stability from them. However, they must not go against the rules established in society, otherwise the power of the South Node will simply crush their dreams.

The owners of the aspect easily part with the old and get more in return, so they break out of obsolete relationships without regret and take off even higher, and at a high level of awareness they still manage to remain friends with their ex.

Effects of the Descending Node Conjunction with Uranus on Men and Women

Here the trend is reversed: you can buy, you can not throw away. This also applies to personal relationships. Unforeseen obstacles arise, up to imprisonment, because of which the native simply cannot divorce or forget about the annoying partner. This is also the reason for the unconscious loneliness of men and women with the conjunction of Uranus with Ketu: they understand that they are given a life partner forever, and carefully select candidates, or are simply afraid to tie themselves in such a bond. This rule also applies to the place of work, real estate, friends.

It will be possible to leave any partnership only when the karmic debt has been worked out and obligations have been fulfilled, which is quite difficult to do when Uranus is connected to the South Node, because here there is strong irritation when it is necessary to serve other people and obey some rules.

You can change your life even if it is in the interests of other people, for example, if you move to another place where the climate is more suitable and working conditions for children or a spouse, and a new position with a high salary will allow you to buy a big house where everyone will have his own room, instead of a small Khrushchev. Changes should bring good not only to the native, but also to his relatives, but such freedom gives not only benefits, but also the highest joy.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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