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Ascending node in 11th house – Descending node in 5th house. Karma of the highest goal

Karmic knots show the vector of the development of the soul. Descending, he is also Southern, in the Vedic traditions called Ketu, will tell what mistakes a person made in past lives, misusing the qualities of the house and sign, but at the same time, he may have gained valuable experience in these areas, which will come in handy now. Rising, also known as North, Rahu is the main goal of the owner of the horoscope. He shows a difficult path, where you need to develop your abilities from scratch and gain new experience, overcoming fears and old habits.

Holders of the Ascending Node in the 11th house will have to give up personal interests for the sake of high goals for the benefit of society or for the sake of fame. This is not always a painful process, because a person may initially not want a traditional family or be childfree, dreaming of making a career as a doctor saving children in Africa or becoming the president of a country. However, even without being too categorical, you will have to think about how to expand the horizons of your influence on society and become a member of an interesting association instead of the narrow-minded enjoyment of home and light novels.

North Node in 11th House, South Node in 5th House and Past Incarnations

In a previous incarnation, a person refused to perform important missions and work in a team for the sake of his ego, or because of falling in love or having children. It could be either a housewife who devoted herself to her husband and child without a trace, or a king who renounced the throne because of love for a commoner.

In the worst case, an entertainment lover who lost or squandered his fortune, depriving children of their inheritance. Echoes of the past are visible in automatic reactions to the world and habitual patterns of behavior:

  • indifference to global issues: ecology, climate change, political upheavals;
  • the desire to live in pleasure and entertainment, not thinking about tomorrow;
  • infantilism, selfishness, sticking out one’s own achievements, belittling the overall work in a team, or attributing to oneself other people’s victories;
  • sex appeal, easy attitude to intimacy, early sex, pregnancy, often abortions;
  • the habit of playing different roles, forgetting about your higher self and purpose;
  • preference for one-day buddies to a team of time-tested, real friends.

In a past life, the owner of the descending node in the 5th house did nothing but spin novels and engage in creativity, now you have to forget about personal interests, and put your talent at the service of society.

Psychological problems Ascending node in the 11th house – Descending node in the 5th house

The native takes problems in the 5th house to heart. If a child brought a deuce or he has no friends, and a loved one cheated, this is perceived as a universal catastrophe. The desire to escape from society and close in your own little cozy world, dreaming of a new love and immersing yourself in raising children, closes the horizons. Memories of intoxicating novels and general admiration are still alive in the memory, and a person unconsciously wants to repeat this experience, but it turns out that he opposes himself to those around him.

A woman with a Descending Node in the 5th house constantly attracts rivals. Wanting to get the brightest and most interesting partner in the team, she embellishes herself outwardly and sometimes attributes implausible merits to herself in order to attract his attention, which causes indignation of the others.

A man unconsciously stands out from the crowd, but until he learns to be a group leader or an irreplaceable member of the team, he will constantly be accused of arrogance and snobbery. If there are negative aspects with personal planets in the 5th house or coming from it, problems with conception and children are possible.

Astrologers do not recommend having many children, because the task of the native is to engage in wide social activities. However, if it is possible to do this, having time to pay attention to children and spouses, for example, if there is a nanny and a housekeeper, then the owners of Ketu in the 5th house can be calm, everything will work out.

Karmic tasks of the Ascending node in the 11th house – Descending node in the 5th house

The main task of this incarnation is to single out one big dream from many small desires, the fulfillment of which will bring many benefits to people around. You need to ask yourself: “What do I want to achieve? What can I change in this world and what kind of people around me will help me in this? And then give up selfishness, remove the crown of past incarnations from your head and create a dream team with which you can become an innovator and creator of a new reality, recognizing the contribution of others to this matter.

Working out the Ascending node in the 11th house – Descending node in the 5th house

Creativity in this scenario always excites the mind of the native. He wants to create something new and unique that will be admired. With Rahu in the 11th house, it is best to set the tone for collective creativity. For example, to be the director of a performance that will receive prizes and applause, or to create a company and be on an equal footing with employees, hold planning meetings, accepting ideas from outside and allowing others to fulfill themselves and grow in their team. This will no longer be an individual success, but a common one.

The native can set up an experimental school where children have equal rights with teachers and are allowed to choose their own lessons and design their own curriculum. It is not necessary to give up the family, but you need to remember that the vocation is in society. The more the owner of Rahu in the 11th house gives to people, the more he will receive for himself and will transfer the concept of pleasure and wealth to the highest floor of the sign of the 5th house.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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