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Ascending node in Capricorn – Descending node in Cancer. Career path

Karmic knots show what you need to push off from, taking the best from the past life, moving towards the highest goal along the Ascending Node. The mission and purpose of a person are concentrated here, which must certainly be realized, preferably by connecting the choice of profession according to the 9th and 10th houses and personal qualities according to the Ascendant . In Vedic astrology, this node is called Rahu – the head of the dragon, and Descending Ketu, respectively, its tail. Any path will have its own difficulties, but if you live according to Ketu, you will have to repeat old mistakes and step on the same rake without developing.

The ascending node in Capricorn means that in this incarnation you need to make a career through hard work and diligence. Saturn will put up many barriers and obstacles, passing through which the native becomes stronger and richer both spiritually and materially.

Descending Node in Cancer and Past Incarnations

In previous incarnations, the native was a patriot devoted to his homeland and was certainly responsible for his family, so much so that he deprived himself of the glory and honors attached to his desired career.

In the horoscope of a woman, this position of the nodes means sacrifice in the name of the family. She preferred to keep a home, take care of children, parents, instead of shining at balls or doing something interesting for her.

If there are negative aspects, perhaps a marriage of convenience was arranged to save the family from poverty. In the horoscope of a man, this position of the Node, on the contrary, speaks of a love marriage, which brought disgrace and deprivation of the title.

The native fully learned the program of fatherhood and motherhood, care and mercy, but since the path was not easy, he got used to feeling sorry for himself, complaining about the injustice and prejudice of public opinion and developed extraordinary sensitivity in order to predict warning signs of trouble in time and protect loved ones. Now he needs to rise above the sea of emotions and learn to manage them and circumstances without losing gentleness, kindness and cordiality.

Developments and dangers of the Ascending node in Capricorn, Descending in Cancer

The native retains excessive attachment to his native land, dependence on the opinion of relatives about his choice of path, partners, lifestyle. The success of Capricorn always relies on the powerful rear of Cancer. If a person has loving and caring parents, and later a wife or husband who support and inspire him, then he will break any Saturnian barriers, he will be able to become a king, a financial tycoon, a boss of any level.

However, in the case when he grows up in a family of toxic parents, and a life partner exacerbates self-doubt, fear of defeat, understanding that he is going the opposite way from the Descending Node in Cancer, there is a danger of repeating the mistakes of the past, abandoning a dizzying career in order to maintain visibility family, because if the native passed the tests of the previous incarnation with honor, he meets a reliable, caring and loving partner, a kind of rear that helps to fulfill the karmic task.

Thanks to a sensitive heart and innate nobility, the owners of the Ascending Node in Capricorn easily become informal leaders who rally people around them and inspire them with their own example of hardworking progress towards the goal.

In personal life, the influence of Ketu in Cancer is still too strong. The owner of the horoscope can be a successful businessman, but in the family circle he remains a child, dependent on love and outward manifestations of domestic care.

Descending Node in Cancer, Ascending Node in Capricorn

The task of the native is to move away from an infantile attitude towards life to accepting responsibility. You need to stop accumulating negative emotions and not hang out on compassionate programs and films. It is very important for a woman to gain the support of her father and establish a good relationship with him, and in addition to this, a man needs to become a strong loving parent for his children.

The purpose of the Ascending Node in Capricorn is to constantly rise from one task to another, achieving the highest possible result. You can’t dissolve in the family, you need to build a career, business, household, so that there is something to leave to children as a legacy. You can professionally take place in politics, finance, construction, agriculture.

How to perform the karmic tasks of the Ascending Node in Capricorn

As soon as the native stops feeling sorry for himself and scolding the unfair cruel world, the opportunity to prove himself as the master of life will immediately appear. Unfortunately, horoscope holders often back down when they are offered a high position and unlimited financial opportunities. This is due to the Ketu program in Cancer when you want to hide in your comfort zone. You need to go through fear into development and not be shy about making mistakes.

Yoga, climbing, meditation, any sports that require perseverance and endurance, such as mountain biking, will help to strengthen self-confidence.

Goals should be set ambitious and a detailed plan for achieving them should be prescribed. Sometimes you have to go against family and tribal traditions, be an innovator on your way, and this will be the only sure way to succeed.

Celebrities with the Ascending Node in Capricorn: M.V. Lomonosov, Indira Gandhi, Dante Alighieri, J. Kennedy.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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