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Ascending Node in Cancer – Descending Node in Capricorn. The way home

Ascending (North) and Descending (South) nodes symbolize the karmic growth of a person. The first one, also known as Rahu in the Vedic traditions, denotes the present incarnation and all the aspirations of a person, which should occupy his time and attention as much as possible. The main directions of this activity are visible by the house and the position sign of the North Node . The second, called Ketu, indicates what should be abandoned, since there was a negative experience along this line in the past, despite certain innate skills and talents. Ideally, one should take the good from the house and the sign of the Descending Node and develop in the unfamiliar environment of the Ascending.

If Rahu is in Cancer, a person will have to remember about ancestral roots, look for himself and his vocation in his native land, prioritizing creating a strong family, raising children and helping parents, and not a career and power according to Ketu in Capricorn, which will constantly pull. It is possible to combine these 2 lines, the main thing is not to abandon the values of Cancer for the sake of a selfish desire to engage exclusively in their professional advancement for the sake of honors and status.

Past Lives with Descending Node in Capricorn

A person has spent more than one incarnation on the education of a steel character in order to achieve the desired power over others. Depending on the position of other planets and aspects between it, he could be a cruel slave owner and ruler-dictator, or he was forced to become such to protect his kind, sacrificing the warmth of his native hearth. Now it is the construction of family relationships that is becoming a difficult test.

Women with a Descending Node in Capricorn have a tough, quarrelsome character, they bend their line in any matters, not being interested in the desires of a man. As a result, dreaming of a strong shoulder, they suffer from henpecked or they choose an outright abuser with a similar knot position. The energies of Saturn are especially strongly felt after 29 years, although the influence of the nodes can be felt at 18, and of course, at 37 years. The native wants the world to see the image of the martyr and give him an order for it. For this, he takes responsibility for everything that happens in life and an overwhelming burden of obligations, although on the Moon you need to help from the heart and not overwork the nervous system.

Developments and warnings of the Descending Node in Capricorn and the Ascending Node in Cancer

If the native does not understand his karmic task, it is very difficult for him to live. The ruler of Capricorn, Saturn , is a strict teacher. He wants that in this life a person will finally benefit from the wrong lessons and trials.

In most cases, people still want to feel like very important people and demand unquestioning respect for themselves. They do not understand why others dare to object to them and do not obey the first order. If at the same time the Ascending Node in Cancer falls into the 4th, 5th or 7th house, problems with partners and children are likely, which the native builds out of habit as if on a parade ground, according to his system of values. Characteristics of Descending Ketu in Capricorn:

  • self-confidence, the desire to keep everything under control, workaholism and achievement;
  • the ability to detect weaknesses in any person and use them to manipulate and benefit oneself;
  • aversion to everyday life, small children, limited home space and a desire to escape to big business from emotions, showdown and thirst for partner’s attention.

However, the North Node in Cancer gives a person great happiness to be himself and freedom from the fear of demonstrating his own weaknesses, where the native writes tenderness, impressionability, and even love for parents, spouses and children. If he allows himself to openly express his feelings, he will be surprised how much richer and stronger he will become.

Destiny at the Ascending Node in Cancer

The development of the best qualities of Cancer goes through a sensitive and attentive attitude towards family members, native land and its traditions. The owners of such a karmic axis like to complicate their lives, they perceive their work as more difficult than it is, because they are used to doing everything alone. Now we must realize that the native egregore and relatives are ready to help and share the burden, if you treat them with love and pay emotional attention.

It is important to understand that it is possible to be useful as a doer, not an overlord, and to allow yourself to be taken care of and participation from the outside, without trying to appear stronger than you are.

Relying on the highest qualities of the Descending Node in Capricorn: courage, endurance, wisdom and farsightedness, nonetheless heartily and warmly raise children and build relationships in the family, without going too far in terms of severity. You need to learn to enjoy the simple joys and comfort of home. The position of administrator, educator or teacher in a kindergarten or school, pediatrician, nurse in the maternity ward, employee of a cafe or bakery, nursing home, as well as freelancing will help not to obey strict bosses, is suitable for a native.

How to perform the tasks of the Ascending Node in Cancer – Descending Node in Capricorn

From an early age, it is useful for the native to study the psychology of the opposite sex and family life. If this did not happen and the hard irreconcilable character causes problems, you need to turn to a psychologist and work through all the suppressed conflicts and problems. This is a wonderful way to harmonize the complex energy of Saturn through the gentle influence of the Moon. The native recognizes the existence of problems and allows him to accept help from the outside, and then the karmic force leads him along the right path. You need to learn to relax, putting aside your smartphone and diary, allocating time for yourself when no one bothers and devote it to your family. Particular attention should be paid to home holidays, create their own traditions, and, if possible, celebrate important religious and secular dates adopted in the country of the native, name children by names characteristic of their nation.

It is important to understand that now your task is not to serve the planet through a dangerous mission, but to create a flow of love, care and warmth. By saving a neighbor, the native will save many others through a positive example, but for this you must first love yourself.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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