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Jupiter in the 7th house of the relocation chart

Wherever a person goes, he takes with him the main characteristics of the natal chart . These values do not change and you need to work with them all your life. However, the relocation chart, compiled according to the coordinates of the new place, will show where the emphasis of the main interests will shift, and most importantly, in what circumstances this or that planet important for the native will now be. From this it is already clear where there will be a flourishing or expansion, restrictions or a surge of energy.

Jupiter in the 7th house expands the number of any connections: friends, business partners and even enemies. It brings happiness to existing relationships, and in the chart of a lonely native it serves as a sign of an imminent marriage, since there will be someone to choose from, and in addition, Jupiter , like Saturn , is always for formalizing relationships. However, the negative aspect, although it does not prevent an increase in the number of partners, is of no use: there is vanity around, strangers, and besides this, there is a danger of an increase in the number of enemies.

Features of the transition of Jupiter to the 7th house of the relocation chart

The seventh house is not only responsible for marriage and business partnerships. Any court cases and litigation, as well as enemies and competitors, pass through it. Only a harmonious planet in a strong position will bring harmony and good luck here, which will pull the native out of any trouble. Otherwise, he will be involved in disputes and strife of a different nature.

The only plus of a negatively aspected planet of great happiness is that it will endow competitors and enemies with a certain amount of nobility, which was not there before with the position of Jupiter in natal.

It is also necessary to take into account from which house it moves to the 7th sector, because in order to fully understand its impact, both values will have to be synthesized. The grid of houses shifts both in one direction and in the other, which means that most often Jupiter moves there from the nearest 5, 6, 8, 9 houses, but there can certainly be many options.

When moving from the 5th house, a successful partnership is expected in the field of show business, entertainment. A loved one will become a partner in a joint business, and if the native has adult children, then most likely they will have a desire to either join the family business or create their own.

The transition from the 6th sector to the 7th local transfers luck in routine matters to the sphere of cooperation with colleagues. It is good to create a team, it will not be so effective to work alone. The number of people subordinate to the cardholder will increase. There will also be competent doctors who can solve health problems, if the native has any.

Jupiter moves from the 8th to the 7th and brings with it money luck, subject to joint investment in business. The native will be lucky to find a good sponsor for his plans, a marriage of convenience with a very rich person is not ruled out, although love can also be present here.

The movement from the 9th natal house to the 7th brings incredible good luck in matters of judiciary. If a native lawyer is his stellar chance to win process after process. However, you will also be lucky in consultations of any profile, you can cooperate with foreign missions or teach at international universities and schools.

Naturally, negative aspects introduce many problems into these areas or change the above-described meanings to the opposite ones.

Jupiter in 7th house relocation and marriage charts

The most unpredictable subject of Jupiter in this sector is personal life. It would seem that he should bring happiness and harmony to marriage, and sometimes it happens if the planet is strong and harmonious, but much depends on the level of development of the spouses and the degree of their attraction to each other.

However, very often the Jupiterian influence brings:

  • a symbolic increase in conditionally marriage partners, when the native has a family on the side, that is, family relations in adultery with all the consequences;
  • love affairs without special obligations under the influence of the 5th house;
  • divorce and division of property.

Parting is likely if at the time of the move the native has repeatedly thought about it, but love affairs on the side most often occur later, but can also lead to divorce and long lawsuits that the native will most likely win, but they will fray their nerves.

For single people, Jupiter brings the potential for a happy marriage.

The negative influence of Jupiter in the 7th house of the relocation chart

At a low level of development, the native gradually begins to feel permissiveness. This is especially true for personal life. When such a person grows in status and the material basis of well-being, he considers himself the king of the whole world and does not think about the interests of others.

A native with this mindset abuses the benefits of official position and personal popularity. A famous lawyer or doctor begins to take bribes, becomes arrogant and intractable. However, it is worth remembering that Jupiter increases the number of enemies, which means that any arrogant and rude behavior that provokes their appearance is the way to the point of no return. If at the previous place of residence this could have been left without retribution, now this option will not work: the native will lose all the benefits that Jupiter in the 7th house gave him, including also relationships, if he is rude with a partner.

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