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Jupiter in the 8th house

Jupiter is the planet of happiness, joy and good luck. The 8th house is a financial house, and the location of Jupiter in it brings the native good financial support from others, large wins, inheritance and profit.

Yet the eighth house of the horoscope is inherently evil. It symbolizes illness, loss, dangerous and risky situations, rush jobs and crises. Jupiter, like any other planet in this house of the radix, makes these themes very powerful in the native's life. And only the good nature of the planet somewhat softens the negative indications associated with the topic of this field of the horoscope.

Human characteristics and abilities

The holder of Jupiter in the 8th house of the natal (and local) chart is practical, energetic, passionate and has great courage. The love of adventure pushes him to rash acts, but over time, the native begins to care more and more about his safety. He takes into account the mistakes of his youth and no longer risks his life or material well-being in vain.

Such people can realize their natural abilities in entrepreneurship, politics, finance and economics. They often make a good income by opting for safety and insurance activities.

The subject more often than others encounters shocking situations in his life: the death of relatives and friends, dangerous diseases, attacks and robberies. Unlike ordinary people, the owner of Jupiter in the 8th house knows what to do and how to behave in difficult situations. Such people can make good doctors (surgeons), rescuers, employees of security services, law enforcement agencies, etc.

Some people with such an arrangement of the said luminary are interested in esoteric knowledge and have magical abilities. Their gift may lie in the ability to influence another person in a certain way. The native needs to watch the purity of his thoughts. A bad word or negative wish addressed to an opponent can lead to disastrous results: illness, loss and failure. On the contrary, it is necessary to develop in oneself the abilities of a healer and the ability to attract financial luck.

Jupiter and its aspects

The negative aspects of Jupiter in the 8th house exacerbate the damage done by the luminary in the 8th field. In the life of a native, attacks, robberies, gas explosions, severe poisoning, gunshot wounds, etc. are likely. Long journeys can be dangerous.

A person can suffer from large financial losses during legal proceedings. His desire to risk money and hit the jackpot can lead to a negative result. Probably bankruptcy and loss of good name.

The good aspects of Jupiter make a person invulnerable in circumstances of risk to life. The guardian angel seems to help this person get out of the water dry. The latter is especially true if the planet has essential power.

Jupiter and zodiac signs

The possessor of Jupiter in Capricorn , in Virgo or in Gemini should not be frivolous about their health. Of course, Jupiter, weak in quality, attracts doctors and healers who do not have sufficient knowledge to the native, and therefore a person is skeptical about the possibilities of medicine. But still, diseases cannot be started, since they tend to flow in such a person into a dangerous form and can lead to death. The most serious attention should be paid to vision, the hematopoietic system, the condition of the liver and gallbladder and pelvic organs.

A person with a harmonious and strong Jupiter in the 8th house ( in Cancer , in Sagittarius and in Pisces ) is doing better . Competent doctors help to heal, and relatives provide the native with everything he needs in difficult times. The owner of the horoscope knows how to anticipate favorable changes in the stock market and invests money successfully.

Lilia Garipova


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