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Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius

Jupiter is named after the Roman god of thunder and the head of the pantheon, not only for its enormous size, but also for the brilliant opportunities for success, wealth and social growth that it gives in a harmonious position. Personal luck depends on the zodiac sign and aspects with other planets. In Sagittarius, the planet of good luck is in the monastery, endowing the wards with the best qualities: a good disposition, noble spirit, healthy ambition, a philosophical attitude towards life, highlighted by the joy of the very existence on earth.

Jupiter carriers in Sagittarius celebrate every day as the beginning of new successes and the realization of another dream. By connecting fantasy with reality, they feel that they are fulfilling their purpose. This is one of the indicators of a career abroad, however, even a set of such luxurious talents must be managed so as not to lose them in the natural carelessness and frivolity of Streltsov’s optimism.

Influence of Jupiter in Sagittarius on fate

Freedom is the main happiness and aspiration of people with such Jupiter. They need wealth and high social status not for vain bragging, but as an opportunity to do what is really important and interesting. Spiritual development and improvement, philosophical systems that occupy the mind and an innovative liberal approach to religion are topics to which they devote their free time, but are forced to work to ensure their comfort and luxury.

However, such individuals do not occupy physical strength and fiery energy, therefore, already in the youth, these owners of Jupiter in Sagittarius manage to become authoritative figures, devoid of boring seriousness.

Employees love  good-natured leaders with sparkling humor, but in order to become a true friend to them, people need to know all the nuances of the influence of Jupiter in Sagittarius on character and social position:

  • independence, liberal views on religion and philosophy, ambition;
  • the desire to conquer the world and embrace all horizons drives us beyond the borders of our native country to unknown distances: to become a star abroad is a secret dream;
  • luck is directly dependent on activity, pessimism is contraindicated, especially if there is a square of any planet with Saturn;
  • love for delicious food and plentiful feasts, sensual pleasures, bets, casinos and sweepstakes, which has a detrimental effect on the quality of life;
  • addiction to foreign culture, interest in new countries and the desire to make changes there through the introduction of their philosophical and religious systems, missionary activity;
  • the ability of a psychotherapist, the ability to comfort and provide a shoulder in difficult times, regardless of the status of the victim;
  • talkativeness, emotionality, stubbornness, straightforwardness, gullibility, thirst for superiority at any cost are the main negative features.

The wards of the largest planet in the solar system always think globally. Environmental problems affect their sense of responsibility, prompting them to work hard to save nature and the animal world, and at the same time work out their own karma.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Sagittarius in male and female horoscopes

People won’t get bored with the fiery Jupiterian. He hates a boring lifestyle. Feats every day – adventure, the excitement of sports games, the salvation of mankind from vile villains, the attention of beautiful ladies, one of whom he dreams of conquering forever. He is at the same time the ruler of an empire (his own business), a knight without fear and reproach, an eternal student, greedily absorbing knowledge, and a missionary teacher, educating others on how to live properly.

The strong masculine charisma of the owner of Jupiter in Sagittarius, generosity and love of life on a grand scale attract many women and friends. Many turn out to be imaginary friends and kept women, using the native’s nobility and kindness. If he is a lucky to meet a romantic and easy-going lady who shares the sports and adventurous hobbies of a fiery companion, he will happily become a faithful family man, especially since he loves children very much and dreams of a luxurious house with many pets.

The fiery Jupiterian lady is tirelessly learning and developing, following the need to improve herself. Despite her love for delicious food and alcohol, she knows how to restrain her instincts in order to look brilliant and attract gentlemen. A woman with Jupiter in Sagittarius adores the attention of powerful and generous men, easily gets involved in adventures and, as a rule, gets out of them without consequences.

Fortune favors her in her career and relationships. She is a loyal friend and reliable partner, trusting like a child. Even if she is faced with deception, she quickly comes to her senses and puts on rose-colored glasses again, due to natural optimism and a new goal. The carrier of Jupiter in Sagittarius is a wonderful mother, cheerful and wise. She will always surprise her husband and draw him into interesting events.

Important aspects with other planets

It is important for the owner of Jupiter in Sagittarius to be in a leadership position in order to carry the stream of cosmic fire at high energetic vibrations. This is possible only when a person feels like a leader, which is facilitated by favorable aspects with the Sun and Mars. They give an understanding of how to be a wise and brave ruler, for whom subjects of such individual are ready to go into battle.

Harmonious connection with the Moon gives empathy and talent as a doctor, promises a happy marriage for men, with Uranus – original behavior, bright innovative ideas and love of freedom, often a passion for bachelorhood. The conjunction of Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn portends financial difficulties, obstacles in grandiose plans, the need to work hard. This is an indicator of a teacher, a religious practitioner. Opposition with Saturn brings conflicts and misunderstandings with bosses, team, family and frequent depression.

Additional description

People born with Jupiter under the sign of Sagittarius have a kind heart, loyal, generous, humane, broad-minded, patient. They look at everything from a philosophical point of view. Such people may have an interest in religion, law, higher education, or abstract things. They can be prophetic, inspiring people. As a rule, such Sagittarius instill confidence in other people. They attract them with the sense of honor and dignity. Such individuals have a strong desire to help others, and they are inspired themselevs when they help them.

Individuals are good at powerful professions, or they can become  narrow specialists. They can be conservative because people want it. They have a desire to justify themselves through rationalization. Negative qualities that Jupiter endows: manifests itself in a fanatical passion for gambling, a manifestation of complacency, impatience, limitation.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Jupiter in Sagittarius:


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