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18 Lunar day – characteristics, description

Symbol: Monkey, Mirror
Stones: Amethyst , Opal , Agate

The eighteenth lunar day is a passive day, today it can be symbolically called the Lunar Mirror. The energy of the Moon reflects everything that we have inside, there is, as it were, an unfolding of our inner “ego” or “I”. The events taking place today can show us that the reality around us is a mirror image of our essence, all our actions and thoughts. This suggests that each of us has his own mirror, one is even and clean, the other is crooked, as if fragments have fallen into his eyes, and therefore he sees everything in a distorted form.

The observation shown today will help you find out how things are at the moment, show you a mirror image of your own world. If someone offended you or expressed a bad opinion in your direction, then you do not need to be offended by this person. The universe through it shows you what aspect of life you need to pay attention to in order to get better. On the contrary, you hear words of gratitude and honor all day long, this means that you are moving correctly, the world around you loves you, and you have a clean and even mirror.

18th lunar dayOn the 18th lunar day, you need to see all the hints that the Universe gives us, correctly understand them, and soberly assess the whole situation, and upon completion, draw the appropriate conclusions. And the next step in your development should be the elimination of this deficiency. In general, 18 Lunar days should be considered as a lesson taught to you, and you must learn it, otherwise it will be repeated every Lunar month.

Dreams on this day are prophetic, and carry a lot of valuable and useful information, the main thing is to understand them correctly.

Love and relationships

18th lunar dayThe eighteenth lunar day is not at all suitable for romantic dates and relationships.
Casual acquaintances on this day in the future can be very promising.


This is a wonderful day for a variety of chores and household chores; hard physical work will not hurt either.


On the eighteenth lunar day, fasting acquires special healing properties. Today it is very useful to cleanse the large and small intestines, to carry out a health massage, rejuvenating and water procedures. A visit to the sauna or bath will have a beneficial effect on your health. On this day, the kidneys and lower back are especially vulnerable.

 Business and money

On the 18th lunar day, it is better not to take any steps in financial matters. In other aspects of business, the day is also unpredictable, it is better to postpone important things for another day.

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