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7 Lunar day – characteristics, description

Symbol: Wind rose
Stones: Coral , Sapphire

The 7th lunar day is called the day of the word. Words today have material energy, that is, they can materialize into a specific action.
Everything that you say today can be realized in the material plane. It is necessary to carefully monitor your speech, you do not need to wish harm to anyone, so that you do not know yourself to launch a destructive force into action, because evil will first of all touch those who directed it, and not those for whom it was addressed.

On the 7th lunar day, try to avoid unnecessary talkativeness, gossip, conversations that condemn others. Today can be safely called provocative, you will be persuaded to condemn others, talkativeness.

7th lunar dayThe energy of this lunar day is huge and you need to try to use it for your goals. Direct all your activities to the implementation of your plans, and do not forget that words on these lunar days acquire deep magical power. You also need to realize that a lie today has tremendous destructive power, and regardless of how it was pronounced, it will return to you like a boomerang. If you cannot tell the truth, then it is better to just keep quiet.

Love and relationships

On this day, you need to beware of conflicts or angry speeches with your chosen one or chosen one. If you are single, then on this day it is worth dreaming about your soul mate.


Repair and construction, as well as big chores around the house, it is better not to start, but to finish better started.


7th lunar dayThis day is absolutely not suitable for a visit to the dentist and dental treatment. On the 7th lunar day, the bronchi, vocal cords, and lungs are vulnerable. A diet of light foods is recommended.

Business and money

This is a good day for doing business to implement your plans. Today is a good day to find sponsors. In financial terms, the day is considered neutral.

Mystical influence on the 7th lunar day

This is the period of assimilation and absorption of cosmic energy. Thought transmission, prophecies, pranayama practice.

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