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8 Lunar day – characteristics, description

Symbol: Casket with treasures, Peacock, Fire
Stones: Chrysolite , Red granite

In magic, such a day is called the time of alchemy, chemical transformations, purification by fire. On the 8th lunar day, the period of the transition of the lunar cycle to the second phase begins . This is a rather difficult day, you should not overload yourself physically and emotionally. Today it will be good to repent, ask for forgiveness, go to church. In general, this day can be considered one of the best days in terms of repentance and spiritual development, so it would be ideal to focus on inner spiritual development, ask God for forgiveness, and light a candle.

It is good to have contact with fire on the eighth lunar day. Light a candle or fireplace and imagine how all your grievances and everything that gnaws and torments your soul begin to burn in its flame. You need to free yourself for the flow of new and clean energy. If one concentrates well or concentrates on the flame of fire, then great revelation can be received. Also on this day, any rituals of purification by fire will be very effective.

8th lunar dayFasting is very useful on this day, it can not only physically cleanse the body but also spiritually. On the 8th lunar day, it is good to move to a new place of residence, buy a house or apartment.

Dreams, dreamed on the 8th lunar day, carry useful information and clues for unresolved problems. If you live according to the lunar calendar, then on this day, you should notice the first changes and changes in your life.

Love and relationships

The 8th lunar day is considered auspicious for dating, but do not forget that today is the day of forgiveness. People today are prone to revelations, and if you are on a first date, do not accidentally tell too much.

Household chores

Today it is better to do only small minor household chores. It's good to do your favorite hobby.


8th lunar dayThese lunar days are considered difficult for the human body, because there is a restructuring of the energy field, which requires rather large internal costs. Also on the 8th lunar day, many are susceptible to nervous disorders, and this can seriously affect the health of the whole body. Fasting is very effective today. Baths and saunas are not recommended.

Business and money

Today it is better to solve only small financial issues, they will refrain from large ones. Conflict and emergency situations are possible at work. The day is very good for business trips and business trips.

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