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Second phase or first quarter of the moon

On the eighth lunar day from the beginning of the New Moon , the second phase begins, or it is also customary to call the first quarter of the moon. During this period, the level of fluid in the human body is concentrated in the middle of the chest. In this regard, diseases of the organs that are located here may occur, in the event that there are hidden pathologies. It is necessary to pay attention to the changes occurring in the body, especially when they are not directed for the better. If the body begins to have problems that you yourself do not yet know about the second phase of the moon – it's time to identify them. At this time, a person becomes sensitive, the energy continues to grow, but not as actively and rapidly as in the first phase .

Second phase or first quarter of the moon

Recommendations for lifestyle changes during the second phase

The human body, under the influence of the growth of the moon, still collects energy, accumulates its amount inside itself, but not in such quantities as in the first phase . After the Full Moon, the activity of the human body will decline, therefore, in order not to perceive it so painfully, already during the second phase it is worth spending less energy reserves. It is recommended to do:

  • Decreased physical activity . Reconsider your lifestyle and try to reduce physical activity. If you go in for sports, it would be best to reduce the load a little, so as not to exhaust yourself physically, and most importantly, mentally. Do not worry about diminishing activity when the moon enters the third phase , then add.
  • Physiotherapy procedures . The influence of the Moon on the body is such that during this period it is prone to healing and cleansing. Astrologers recommend adjusting your lifestyle in such a way that all procedures associated with physiotherapy are carried out precisely in the second phase of the moon. This time is favorable for sauna trips and spa treatments. Extremely careful douches with cold water should be performed – reduce their activity at the beginning of the cycle, and increase them before the Full Moon .

As far as work and any negotiations are concerned, everything will be fine. Things will succeed, but it is worth rushing to implement the plans, because after the third phase, the activity of the human body will decrease, the emotional background will change and their successful implementation will be in jeopardy.

Nutrition and cleansing procedures

Second phase or first quarter of the moonAt the moment the moon enters the second phase (first quarter), you should reconsider your diet, in addition, it's time to start taking foods that will cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. Proper nutrition in combination with physiotherapy will completely relieve you of accumulated harmful substances and improve your health to the fullest.

  1. Nutrition . In the first days of the first quarter of the moon phase, it is recommended to consume yin foods, which will help to quickly return the contraction process to expansion. After a couple of days, you can start eating Yang foods such as porridge or stewed vegetables. People with the structure of the body “Slime” in such a period, it is better to give up liquids, and add dry food to the diet with a small addition of oil. If your design is “Wind”, you can safely use boiled cereals, stewed vegetables and bread. During this period, the body of such people will quickly remove excess moisture from the body.
  2. Cleansing the body .
    The period of the second phase (first quarter) is favorable for removing excess moisture from the body, and with it all the unfavorable substances that have accumulated. The second third of this cycle is the time when the gallbladder, together with the liver, will work especially actively. Calculate everything so that the intake of drugs and substances for cleansing falls precisely on this period of the second phase, while it is recommended to reduce the dosage.


In the second phase (first quarter), the Moon continues to fill a person with energy, but one should refrain from wasting it in large quantities. It's time to finish the planned things and get ready, gradually reduce physical activity, cleanse the body of accumulated harmful substances and get ready for the third phase of the moon , after which there will be a noticeable decline in activity.


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