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9 Lunar day – characteristics, description

Symbol: Milky Way, Bat

Stones: Alexandrite , Black Pearl , Serpentine

This day is called the day of karmic tests. The ninth lunar day carries a rather heavy energy, and therefore today it will be very appropriate to carry with you your talisman , amulet, etc., a thing that would smooth out the negative consequences. Believers on such a day may not feel any negative influences on themselves, but they will definitely see and feel the influence of dark energy on the general environment.

It will not hurt to carry out an energetic cleaning of your home on such a day, because it happens that different people come to us and some of them carry negative black energy, which tends to accumulate in the corners and closets of our house. It happens that we ourselves contribute to this not good energy, our bad mood, everyday quarrels.

But despite the fact that the day seems terrible and terrible, you should look at life optimistically and not expect any troubles, and then they will definitely pass by, and the day will pass merrily and happily.

Love and relationships

This is not the best day for romantic relationships and dates, today there is a high probability of various conflicts with your chosen one or chosen one. Therefore, it is better to postpone the date to another day. Also, this day is completely unsuitable for weddings.


9th lunar dayThe 9th lunar day is well suited for working in a vegetable garden or garden, caring for animals and plants, but so that it does not require heavy physical exertion. It is better to refuse heavy household chores.


On the 9th lunar day, the load on the blood vessels and the heart is very dangerous, so any hard work must be excluded. This day is great for visiting a steam room or a bath, but the main thing is not to overdo it, remember about the heart, it is also useful to carry out various cleansing procedures.

Business and money

Today you need to be on the alert, even faithful partners can easily surprise you, it is better to postpone all financial issues to another day, there is a very high probability of becoming a victim of deception. It is not recommended to listen to different advisors on such a day. Today is a very good day for people of creative professions, they can easily find inspiration in their work.

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