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The first lunar day is the time to dream of wealth and make plans

The first lunar day is of great importance in the lunar rhythm , it happens that its duration lasts only a few hours. This day has a special energetic power, and therefore everything you have planned on the 1st lunar day will certainly come true.

Therefore, it is very important not to miss its beginning in order to think about the future, and mentally sketch out a future plan to achieve your goals leading to well-being. During this period, you just need to dream, imagine a future goal. The lunar energy of the first day will begin to work for you, having received information and the right direction from us, the power of thought will be transformed into material things and specific events.

The first lunar day – which is favorable.

first lunar dayOn the first lunar day, it is favorable to engage in self-education, you can deepen your knowledge in various sciences. If you are planning to start your own business, then this is the best time to attend seminars for aspiring entrepreneurs. It will also be useful to do exercises for mental training, solve problems with ingenuity. Further, such an experience will help you cope with complex freelance problems, which means that you will always be at your best and reach the planned peaks faster.

The first lunar day – which is unfavorable.

You need to be active on the first lunar day only in relation to drawing up your plans and mentally building a model of well-being. In another, it is better to adhere to the golden mean, to postpone laborious and complex tasks for another day. If suddenly a solar eclipse occurs at the beginning of the 1st Lunar day, then it is better to postpone the practices of the 1st Lunar day to the next Lunar month.

How to spend the first lunar day to attract wealth

On the first lunar day, a lot depends on the strength of your desire, which, in turn, often depends on our emotional state. The new moon, which falls on the first lunar day, brings us energetic relaxation due to gravitational disturbances. As a result, we feel anxiety, fear, anxiety, and dark thoughts. This makes it difficult for us to fully focus on our desires. That is why, before making plans and dreaming of wealth, it is important to unload your mental space. Only then can you build a model of your monetary future.

“Burning” fears and obsessions

first lunar dayFlames can help you deal with the emotions and feelings that keep you from being rich. The best option is a bonfire or fireplace, but at home you can use an ordinary candle as well. Sit on your knees or in Turkish style in front of the fire, or place a lighted candle in front of you at a distance of a meter. Stop looking at the flame and try to focus completely on it. Think about fire. If extraneous ideas or memories begin to appear in your head, mentally throw them into the flame, let them burn. As a rule, 20-40 minutes is enough to get rid of the accumulated negativity. After that, you can start visualizing your dream. You can skip the previous exercise if your mental space is calm and you do not experience any unpleasant sensations.

Building a model of your money future

Choose a calm time and place, and adopt a comfortable body position. Try to completely relax. This is easy to do with a simple exercise. Mentally “walk” your body from crown to heels. Stop on your feet, tense them for a few seconds and relax, then tense your calves – relax. Then, in turn, strain and relax your hips, abdomen, arms, chest, neck and scalp, and face. After that, try to tense all the muscles in your body, then completely relax. Remember this state. Feel lightness and weightlessness.

first lunar dayMentally in front of you, approximately opposite the center of the forehead (third eye), draw your money desire. It should represent the end result of your dream, as if it has already come true. At the same time, you yourself must be present in your “picture”. That is, you “draw” yourself, surrounded by money or things that you would like to get. At the same time, your dreams should be quite real. Fabulous treasures or castles of gold will forever remain in a fairy tale – the visualization effect will be greatly distorted by your own doubts. The images you create should be as vivid, clear and lively as possible, although this is not the most important thing. It is important that your image evokes strong emotions in you, you must “light up” with your dream, with all your might to believe in it. It is feelings and emotions that ultimately attract the events you need.

Mentally circle the finished image with a shining blue oval, thereby confirming your intention, and mentally direct it up. You release your desire into free ballooning, so that in the end it will necessarily materialize and come true.


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