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Moon in the 1st (first) house

The moon is an important luminary in any horoscope, and if it is located in the First house of the birth chart, then it significantly affects the character of people and their fate.

People with the Moon in the 1st house are distinguished by flexibility, mobility, strong susceptibility to changes in the world around them and high adaptability. They feel the need for constant change, and this is no coincidence. The fact is that their inner world and consciousness are very mobile, and their moods are unpredictable. Such people feel the need for constant renewal (feelings, emotions, circumstances, people around them, etc.) and make this world adapt to them, empathize with them and play along.

That is why people with such a position of the moon make successful actors. They easily change their roles, transform into completely different people, fascinate with their emotional play on stage.

They attract other people not only with their charisma, but also with kindness, caring and mercy. Educator, nanny, psychologist, teacher, doctor – in these professions the lunar qualities manifest themselves most organically.

If the Moon in the horoscope is damaged, then the native may be disturbed by depression, unreasonable fears and worries. Anxiety, fear for oneself and for loved ones, a tendency to hesitate to make serious decisions, and as a result, responsibility can be shifted to more rational partners or family members.

Moon in the first house in the signs of the zodiac

The character and behavior of a person largely depends on what sign the Moon was in at the time of birth.

The moon in the 1st house in fire signs (in Aries , Sagittarius or Leo ) will tell about an ambitious, vibrant, popular nature who loves social life and leads an active lifestyle. Such people do not hide their emotions. Joy, anger, envy or enthusiasm – all of this immediately appears on the people’s faces and makes the right impression and effect on those around them. Sports and physical education often play an important role in the life of such people.

The Air Moon (in Gemini , Libra, or Aquarius ) endows these people with sociability, politeness and a flexible mind. Horoscope holders love to learn and easily find a common language with people.

The moon in the signs of Water (in Cancer , Scorpio and in Pisces ) speaks of the people’s wonderful intuition, their homeliness, as well as their love for comfort and coziness. If the luminary is located in the signs of the Earth (in Capricorn , in Taurus or in Virgo ), then these people are distinguished by purposefulness, perseverance, good business acumen and practicality. Such individuals are hardworking and will not miss their own. They often gravitate towards outdoor recreation and gardening.

Moon in 1 man’s house

This position of the luminary in the male horoscope will tell about the close connection of the native with the mother and parental family as a whole. Depending on the strength of the Moon and its aspects, relationships with mom and the female sex can develop in different ways, but in any case, they occupy a central position in a man’s life.

The moon in the 1st house of a man feels most comfortable when he has a strong rear in the form of a family. He also seeks to find his own home and feel like a master there.

Moon in 1 woman’s house

If in a woman’s horoscope the Moon is located in the 1st house, then this emphasizes her gentleness, good nature and caring, and also speaks of strongly expressed maternal qualities.

Women with this position of the moon love to nurse and patronize. Children are their vocation. The role of the wife is clear to them, and they, as a rule, harmoniously fit into this image. Often, the owner of the horoscope loves to do needlework, cook or creative interior design.

Lilia Garipova


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