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Moon in the 2nd (second) house

The moon in the 2nd (second) house of the birth chart indicates that material matters are of great importance to the native. The owners of the natal chart may be concerned about income and earnings issues, because there are constant changes in this area. Money both comes and goes, but still people show great dexterity in financial matters.

Their talents lie in the ability to understand the benefits of a particular enterprise, to determine what will be in demand by people in the near future, and what it is better not to offer them yet. People with the Moon in the 2nd house can be called economic and practical, especially if the luminary is located in the signs of Earth or Water. They know how not only to earn, but also to distribute resources.

For example, they have no equal in home improvement, reception, arrangement of guests and catering. Such individuals can realize their abilities in real estate, in the hotel business, in tourism, in the provision of medical services. Income can be generated by consulting, trade in products, everyday items, service sector, educational and teaching activities.

Moon in 2nd house in zodiac signs

The zodiac sign, which contains the Moon in the 2nd house, will tell more about the people’s sources of income, as well as their talents and skills. Realizing their natural abilities according to the Moon, these natives get the opportunity to earn in the most comfortable way for themselves. This is exactly the case when the goods are made with a soul, and the services give the buyer joy.

If the Moon is located in air signs (in Libra, Aquarius or Gemini), then such people can succeed in trade, in consulting, agency and contracting activities. Mastery of the word can be a good prerequisite for a career as a writer, translator, linguist, and the ability to explain well will be in demand in teaching and work as an educator.

Water signs , in which the Moon is located ( Pisces , Cancer , Scorpio ), make it possible to earn money in the field of medicine, security (security), real estate and the provision of repair services. People can experience pleasure working in kindergarten (nanny, educator), helping people cope with psychological crises and find peace of mind (psychologist, psychotherapist).

Fire signs ( Aries , Leo or Sagittarius ) are conducive to physical activity and public activities. Such people know how not only to provide services, but also to actively advertise and promote them. These individuals can make money from their popularity.

The moon in earth signs (in Taurus , Virgo and in Capricorn ) makes people effective in dealing with property issues. Their work may be related to construction. Income can come from land and agricultural work.

Moon in the 2nd house of a man

The moon in the 2nd house of a man says that he perceives his mother as a breadwinner of vital resources. The native’s parents often help him financially as an adult.

Since the Moon in this case also indicates a marriage relationship, the owner of the horoscope gives preference to women who are business, hardworking, striving for wealth and know how to save. A good wife, in the opinion of such a man, should make a material contribution to the development of the family, create coziness at home, and cook.

Moon in the 2nd house of a woman

The moon in the 2nd house of a woman will indicate practicality and her many talents. In life, she seeks to gain stability and confidence in the future, and these feelings come to her with the emergence of a solid financial position.

Such women are happy to invest in family and real estate and do not spare money on quality education and training of children.

Lilia Garipova


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