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1st house in the sign of Capricorn

Part of the space located in the east of the horizon at the time of a person’s birth determines the character and strength of the personality much more strongly than the solar sign, which may not be manifested due to various complexes and negative aspects. Developing in 1 house, a person is systematically moving towards success and a strong social position. The scenario of behavior in society is prescribed here, but the highest qualities of the sign should be worked out, because if people go along the lower floor, ignoring the warnings of the planets in this sector, there is a chance of falling into the trap of their own ego.

1st house in Capricorn does not give just the necessary flexibility and diplomacy of behavior. A huge reservoir of energy smolders inside individuals.

They feel that they are capable of conquering any peak, but it is this confidence that binds their determination. Thinking that they will be in time at any moment, they freeze at the same level and deprive themselves of development opportunities.

Circumstances of birth

Capricorns of the first house, as a rule, are late children or they were not planned, but they came to embody high goals, so even if the parents are against it, the birth still happens. It can happen in a good public hospital, as well as in an almshouse, orphanage, prison, or any isolation. In the presence of additional negative connections with Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, mother is relieved from the burden in a dungeon, cave or high in the mountains.

If all aspects are harmonious, then childbirth is likely in a prestigious place for state security. The process is usually long, but a baby with 1 house in Capricorn is able to withstand any test. Mom can be exhausted and not show proper tenderness and warmth, without preventing the newborn from staying in a separate room.

Image in the eyes of others

Men and women with this position of the house are thin, angular and somewhat withdrawn. They are revealed only in a close circle of people from whom they do not expect dirty tricks. For the rest, they keep the mask of a strict intellectual and a taciturn professional, although in fact they are able to joke merrily, have fun and fool around, but the fear of seeming insufficiently weighty and significant member of society restrains their natural emotional manifestations.

Since childhood, they have been accustomed to keeping themselves in control so as not to cause gossip and public showdowns, which they do not tolerate very well. Due to excessive external seriousness, people with 1st house in  Capricorn seem older than their age, but after 30 years the situation changes, and they seem to get younger in the opposite direction.

If such individuals do not spend the mental strength given by nature, do not realize their ambitions, depression, longing for another life, envy of people who do not worry, but go and do, begin to tear them apart from the inside. Since Capricorn is a complex sign with a negative influence, it often seems to the individuals that those around them do not like them, devalue them and do not give them the proper and well-deserved rewards, which blocks the energy of success even more.

Positive qualities of character: reliability, ability to work, endurance, versatile talents, organizational talents, ambition and desire to create, the ability to make friends, keep one’s word, live by honor and conscience.

Negative features: fears, isolation, tediousness, pessimism, despondency, spiritual callousness, limited thinking.

Ways of self-expression

The owners of Capricorn in the 1st house are always in the shade. It is difficult for them to take the first step and declare themselves, unless a strong Sun in fiery signs saves them. In this case, there is an amazing symbiosis of personal charisma and understanding of how to organize any business that leads to success. This is the position of the rulers. The Air Sun also alleviates the situation, allowing them to easily converge with people, but at the same time be reliable friends and responsible leaders.

However, in most cases, such individuals need someone without unnecessary psychological problems and with good connections to bring them out of the shadows and present them to society along with all the capricorn talents.

If the wards of Saturn, the ruler of the sign, receive their kingdom, they will turn around and show the gift of an organizer, teacher, builder, sculptor, politician, manager.

In addition, they are excellent jewelers, geologists, photographers, osteopaths and orthopedic dentists. Dancing, mineralogy, astrology, hiking and rock climbing are great hobbies.

Style and colors of clothes

The classic style of the owner of the 1st house in Capricorn is gray and strict cut lines. Even women do not like to deviate from the chosen strategy in clothing and appearance, preferring straight hair, black combined with graphite and sometimes red shades. They are afraid of brightness, audacity, novelty. Men can wear sweaters and jeans in the same colors for years, buying ten of them. Watery and fiery Venus softens the attitude towards style, including the desire to seduce and conquer with one of its appearance in society.

Elaboration of the 1st house in Capricorn

The owners of the 1st house in Capricorn should not go into excessive seriousness, which is already inherent in them by nature, but the lack of interest in the development of other qualities according to Venus and Mercury turns them into gloomy and unsociable. Much depends on the position of Saturn in a particular house.

If it is in the first, such people should be disciplined and responsible all their lives, but give up tediousness, learn sincerity and love for their neighbor through the 7th house, which falls into the sign of Cancer, and therefore, the healing of Saturn will go through the strengthening of the Moon.

Ideally, lunar qualities should be brought to life through Capricorn perseverance and a sequence of actions. For example, not only talk about love, but do things and prove devotion to the family through deeds, without waiting for problems to resolve themselves.

Good luck charms for the 1st house in Capricorn – pomegranate, blue sapphire, topaz “london blue”.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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