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10th house in the sign of Virgo

Ambition, glory and the realization of calling are laid in the 10th house of the horoscope. If it is strong, with the support of harmonious aspects, then a person intuitively correctly chooses a profession, attracts patrons and wise teachers, as well as opportunities to become a famous and respected member of society. However, there are several more significant areas: relations with the mother, boss, commander in the army.

The 10th house in Virgo endows the native with various talents, sometimes very contradictory: in mathematics and music, foreign languages and chemistry. This is a techie and a humanist at the same time, especially if Mercury is in a sextile or trine with Venus. The problem is the low level of ambition, shyness, excessive pedantry and obsession with details, because of which a person does not see beyond his nose.

Dream job

The owners of the 10th house in Virgo know how to serve and obey, but they are afraid to make a mistake, so it is difficult for them to join the team as an independent creative unit. Even if they are musicians, it is easier for them to listen to other people’s works and create something of their own based on them, or write an article to order according to a plan, than to think about how it should be. They do a good job on the technical task.

These are excellent teachers, pharmacists, engineers, perfumers, masseurs, orderlies, therapists. The owners of the 10th house in Virgo are well versed in finance and legal intricacies. They are ideal employees of inspection services: tax, sanitary and epidemiological stations, bureaucratic bodies.

However, it is precisely this pedantry and corrosiveness, due to which they are considered the best employees, that prevents them from being promoted, because in their search for truth and order, they do not make allowances for those who can contribute to their career and make enemies.

At work, they need to be more emotional and flexible in their approach to the performance of duties and not be a biorobot. Salvation from the Mercurial dryness in getting pleasure from the work done and a creative approach to any business.

The meaning of life and popularity

Men and women with the 10th house in Virgo are always a bit of a snob. They believe that they know more than others and certainly perform their duties better than their colleagues. If this confidence is reinforced by praise and bonuses from the authorities, such a small popularity in narrow circles is to their liking. World fame is only of interest to those owners of the horoscope who dream of inventing a perpetual motion machine and a cure for incurable diseases.

The meaning of life for ten-house Virgos is in professional demand and recognition of their unique abilities and talents, and also in the inviolability of a cozy little world where they are intellectually superior to others.

Chief and subordinate

Happy are those Virgos of the 10th house who immediately understand the task and carry it out with burning eyes. This rarely happens, so great is the fear of making a mistake and goofing off. That is why such individuals again and again return to the boss and ask if they really need to call there, and if they signed the invoice correctly, and in general it is better to repeat it again to make sure everything is done perfectly. As a result, time is lost, management is on edge, colleagues are giggling. Ten house Virgos are excellent performers if they have strong Mercury and Venus in the signs of air and fire. Then initiative and a creative streak pull out of the swamp of indecision.

In the role of boss, the owners of the horoscope are most often unbearable. They worry about their reputation and the reputation of the organization, so they harass their subordinates, demanding incredible results in the shortest possible time, finding fault with quality and meticulously checking all the details. Favorable aspects save the situation, but if Mercury is in opposition to Neptune, then a task from the series is obtained: go there, I don’t know where, bring something, I don’t know what. In the developed version, a person is able to formulate tasks so clearly that it is a pleasure to complete them.

Parents and military service

The mother of the native raises her children to high standards. She prioritizes education and good manners, but the problem is that overtraining robs a child of the joy of simply living. If there are negative aspects with the Moon, then the mother’s influence on a person’s fragile self-esteem can be fatal.

The ten-house Virgos believe in their exclusivity, but the doubt of their relatives in their strength knocks the ground out from under their feet, which is why the mother needs to be a support and source of knowledge, but not an indicator of mistakes from which no one is immune. Thanks to mom, children also monitor their health and nutrition.

In the army, the owner of the 10th house in Virgo clearly follows the instructions and commands. These are ideal soldiers, not particularly interested in a leadership position. They enjoy discipline and routine, but they are also demanding in terms of living conditions in the barracks and may rebel against poor hygiene and a lack of a healthy diet.

Career Mistakes and Talisman Stones

Suffering because of the criticality and injustice of the authorities discourages the desire to climb the career ladder and constantly prove one’s competence. The paradox is that, having become a leader, ten-house Virgos deliver much more problems to their subordinates with their corrosiveness and tediousness. On the one hand, this guarantees the highest quality of the final product, on the other hand, it does not allow creating a spiritual creative atmosphere in the team. It is important to approach work in a team not technically, but from the position of a director, understanding what psychological connections exist between people, and how to make their interaction more accurate and efficient, using a creative approach.

The best talismans will be onyx, green tourmaline, jasper, garnet, as well as a rare brown-honey fluorite.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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