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10th house in the sign of Scorpio

The tenth house of the horoscope is responsible for fame and professional success, therefore it is so important to know in advance which areas of activity go along the line of karmic destiny, and, accordingly, which university to choose according to the 9th house in order to implement this. The choice for any sign is quite large, although aspects with the planets must also be taken into account. In addition, one can also see the relationship with the boss, mother, the behavior of the owners of the house themselves in the role of a subordinate and serving in the army.

The 10th house in Scorpio gives a difficult fate to the seeker of truth. Higher powers deliberately put such people in stressful conditions so that through opposition to negativity they can sparkle like a diamond and reveal their true potential. It is difficult for them to break through alone, it is necessary to connect the collective energy through Pluto, one of the rulers of the sign. Its position in the house of the horoscope will tell them where to look for the team.

Dream job

Ten house Scorpios best reveal their professional qualities in critical situations. This is their chance to go from a humble employee to the head of a department or even the organization itself, suggesting the best course of action or even risking it all alone.

In case of a win, the winner gets laurels, the loser gets valuable experience and understanding of how to act in order to definitely become the best. These are excellent crisis managers, ambulance officers, forensic investigators, surgeons, psychologists, business coaches and even priests. To work out karma, a native can work in centers for rehabilitation and assistance to athletes after injuries, alcoholics and drug addicts, and also be a sports coach for children and adults.

Much when choosing a profession depends on the position of Mars. The house and the sign will tell the native where to go. For example, the 5th house is work with children, the 6th house is health and medicine, the 12th is psychology and esotericism. World success awaits them in any area associated with a risk to life, but not necessarily their own, it is possible to work with people in dangerous professions, as well as law enforcement and government agencies.

At the average level, the owners of the horoscope constantly interfere with the usual course of things at work and prove by their example that it is possible to do differently. For example, a teacher who gives students a fluent English system in 3 months or a manager who sells stale goods in a week through a new marketing plan.

The meaning of life and popularity

Purpose is the most important thing for ten-house Scorpios. This may be recognition in the circles of people they respect, or the desire to prove something to their parents and to themselves, but they almost never dream of world fame. The exception is scientific and literary activity. That is, they do not mind that their works are read in all countries and admired by the discoveries made, but they will not participate in red carpet walks and press conferences without special need. If this is a coach or commander of a military unit, his ambition is satisfied through the achievements of the wards.

Chief and subordinate

If people with the 10th house in the sign of Scorpio have an inspiring goal, even if not related to scaling the personality, but only with making money, they will work day and night. These are moderately cunning, prudent and intelligent individuals, gifted with supersensibility and able to manipulate others.

If desired, they easily become a leader in their field. The main thing is to motivate them, because if the salary is small and there are no prospects for growth in work, then the owners of Scorpio in the 10th house sink into apathy, despondency, or simply shift some of their responsibilities to others until this is revealed and they are fired. If there is no way to realize talents, such individuals create unbearable conditions in the team, having fun with intrigues.

As the head of the highest level of development, caring and far-sighted, takes care of capable employees and helps them advance. At a low level of spirituality, such a leader manipulates, divides and dominates.

Parents and military service

The mother of the native was clearly an imperious and contradictory person, touchy as a child and at the same time ambitious. If she did not manage to achieve professional success on her own, she expects this from the child, insisting on choosing a prestigious money profession.

Most financiers, customs officers, tax officers and bankers with the 10th house in Scorpio owe their wealth to maternal will and perseverance. Those who chose the secret services, history, archeology, the rescue work and the military journalist, most likely did it in isolation from their mother. Often the native chooses the profession of parents, continuing the dynasty, this happens with surgeons and the military.

In the army, the owner of the 10th house in Scorpio is in his place. He easily finds contact with a strong link, gains authority, and his stamina and courage inspire the respect of the command. Of course, this does not mean that everyone who has such a position of the house is a hero. Much depends on the aspects of Mars. However, they are excellent at adapting and getting used to the image that is needed. In addition, war is the natural state of any Scorpio.

Career Mistakes and Talisman Stones

Owners of the 10th house in Scorpio often face the fact that they are underestimated. The bright sides of the sign will help them get out of the shadows: courage, determination, hard work and justice. It is necessary to extinguish in oneself revenge, envy and a tendency to laziness.

Jewelry made from natural mascot stones will help the native in this: jet, rauchtopaz, black diamond, sardonyx and dark red garnet.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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