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10th house in the sign of Leo

Career success and fame come easily to people if they follow their destiny. To understand exactly which way to go, if there are many hobbies and desires, and most importantly – talents and abilities, they can use the zodiac sign of the 10th house and the aspects of its ruler. In addition, the conditions of work and service in the army, relations with the mother, boss, subordinates, as well as errors inherent in the energy of the sign are also read here.

The 10th house in Leo in its highest manifestation encourages a person to create and lead in order to create something new, worthy of admiration. At the lowest level, this is a power-hungry dictator who listens to no one but himself, even if he knows that he will lead everyone to failure. Glory here is a trigger that moves the native forward.

Dream job

Ten house Leos want to teach, dominate, lead and create when the mood is right. This position is not a sign of creativity in its purest form, as in the case of Pisces, but an element of excitement, invention and public speaking is always present. They need to choose a profession where they can inspire by personal example, show off in front of admiring audiences, be an opinion leader, and at the same time make money.

A small amount of risk motivates ten-house Leos and encourages them to move forward, overcoming innate laziness, so any business, private enterprise, sports, and production can bring success. Despite a certain artistry, the dependent profession of an actor is not very suitable for the owners of the 10th house in Leo, only if they are lucky right away and they have been filmed since childhood, invited to participate in concerts. They cannot act through resistance. Film directing is much better.

At an average level of development, these are excellent hairdressers, makeup artists, choreographers, fashion models, restaurateurs, chefs, designers, and administrators.

At a high level – politicians, educators and spiritual leaders, especially if the Midheaven Meridian also falls into the sign of Leo.

The meaning of life and popularity

Always be the first, set the fashion and stand your ground – the principles of the owners of the 10th house in the sign of Leo, which lead them to fame. Being popular is as important to them as breathing. They are not content with second roles. There are two options – to become famous through a personal brand and a purposeful movement to the status of a star, or through the creation of an amazing product: a movie, concert productions, a political party, a profitable business, a sports or an online school.

At an average level of development, they are happy to provide the world with a concrete result of their activity: hairstyles, clothing collections, jewelry, children’s crafts, video clips. If there are good aspects of the Sun with Uranus, Mars, Venus, Mercury, this increases the chances of success and narrows the niche of activity.

Chief and subordinate

The goal of ten-house Lions is to become a boss. For the sake of this, they are ready for a while to pacify the thirst for primacy, which for them consists in the recognition by those around them that they are right in all matters. They respect strong bright personalities with power. Here, even servility and flattery are possible in order to gain confidence and win over. It happens that ten-house Lions go to the goal through flirting and office romances. Yes, and as a leader, they can use their position as the arbiter of destinies to combine the benefits of the case with physical pleasures. If Mercury and Mars are in fiery and airy signs, the owners of the 10th house in Leo will not hesitate to cut the truth, regardless of the social status of the opponent, because of which they destroy many potentially good projects.

The lack of a sense of tact in organizational matters does not play into the hands of such individuals, but they are not going to change themselves. As a boss, they are imperious and categorical in their decisions, which does not prevent them from patronizing valuable employees, giving them bonuses, encouraging them with awards, but they will not listen to their opinion. It is important for them to implement a personal decision, otherwise they will simply cease to respect themselves.

Parents and military service

The mother of the native had a huge influence on the formation of character. In the worst case, especially when there are squares and oppositions between the Sun and the Moon, as well as to each of them separately, she was a tough authoritarian person, did not delve into the state of mind of the child, imposed her will and demanded the fulfillment of her personal ambitions.

If such a mother dreamed of being an actress and could not, she will force the children to participate in competitions and castings, getting upset when she cannot take 1st place. In this variant, the owners of the 10th house in Leo will have to overcome complexes and self-doubt in themselves all their lives.

In a good case, the mother is an example of a talented and ambitious person, whose creative and personal path the native wants to repeat.

In the army, the ten-house Leo is popular and sympathetic to the authorities if he has a strong Sun. He immediately puts himself in the position of commander. Otherwise, there will be a lot of resentment against colleagues, a desire to prove that he is the best and take revenge on those who are dissatisfied with his ambitions.

Career Mistakes and Talisman Stones

The main problem of the 10th house in Leo is stubbornness and self-centeredness. Even knowing that such people are wrong, they will not back down from their opinion. Flexibility and diplomacy will bring more happiness and success than imaginary adherence to principles. As a boss, they need to be able to accurately explain to their subordinates what they want from them, and not just draw a global goal and go into the sunset, expecting that they themselves will guess their vision of the result. Generosity, a sense of humor, the rejection of temper and the division of people into “us” and “them”, based on personal sympathies, will help to become a real leader, and not a usurper who is feared.

An excellent source of energy for the 10th house in Leo will be diamonds, yellow sapphire and topaz, chrysolite, citrine.


Vasilisa Vishneva


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