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11th house in the sign of Aries

The House of Joy and Opportunity, Friends and Social Engagement shows where unexpected luck comes from and how to make a profit during a booming career. However, its main meaning is friendship and participation in collective projects, where people show themselves as a leader or an obedient gear, depending on the nature of the sign on the cusp. The dreams and ambitions of the native are also read here as a continuation of the line of destination of the 10th house of the horoscope.

The 11th house in Aries encourages its owners to be active within any team and invariably find themselves on horseback and at the head. They can not get past any problem, they care about everything. At a low level, these are adventurers who do not recognize the rules and desires of other people, the main thing is their goal and interests.

Friendship and social activity

The ruler of the 11th house is Uranus. The element of air, combined with the fiery nature of Aries under the auspices of Mars, gives rise to a hurricane of desires and ambitions, which the native seeks to realize immediately.

At the first meeting, the native seems open, friendly and easy to communicate, but do not forget that the 10th house of destiny and glory falls into the sign of Pisces, and creative ambitions need to be realized here and now. It is not surprising that the owners of the 11th house in Aries tend to make, first of all, useful connections that will help in their careers, and with friends of a lower rank they can be unceremonious, tactless and rude.

However, such behavior in others irritates them, as well as sycophancy, duplicity, cowardice. Noticing undercover games in the team, the owners of the 11th house in Aries immediately begin restructuring, which sometimes ends with their expulsion from the group and leads to depression.

The main features of the character and behavior of the wards of the house:

  • the desire from the first appearance in society to attract attention with defiant behavior, active communication or public speaking, a bright style of clothing or sparkling jokes;
  • strange or non-obvious ways to achieve goals for others: they are silent about their plans to the last, actively acting on the sly to stun the result;
  • the habit of quitting halfway through, and when they see that it is unrealistic to change the balance of power and traditions in the team, they often prefer to destroy everything;
  • the desire to be friends with men or masculine, energetic and punchy women;
  • the need to swear and quarrel, compete, dominate, that is, calm trusting relationships will not work.

If Mars is in a weak position or afflicted with negative aspects, a person avoids conflicts and quarrels with friends and inner circle of friends, even when everything is boiling inside, which often leads to heart problems and hypertension. There is a fear of competition and disconnection from the Neptunian energy of the 10th house.

Dreams and money

Owners of the 11th house in Aries are incredibly ambitious, but they need everything at once. They give up long-term strategies and dreams that require hard work. They need other people to carry out their plans. Alone, they can achieve only quick successes that do not require routine work. This is unpleasant to realize for the hot and impatient Aries in the 11th house.

Given that on the opposite side of the 5th house of individual creativity is Libra, such individuals will have to balance an elegant image, peace-making behavior in relationships with other people (especially during a period of falling in love) with fiery ambition. Dreams and goals are formed here under the influence of Mars. If it is strong, the native will go head-to-head, and any idea of Pisces on the 10th house will be a special trigger, the desire to be:

  • a popular philanthropist or politician: to help people, but in such a way that everyone applauds;
  • famous actor, blogger and film director;
  • an innovator in the field of medicine, psychology, personal growth, religion.

Weak Mars blocks these dreams with fears, prevents money, as easy ways to earn money and a good pension in the 11th house come through risk and personal activity, that is, investment.

Elaboration of the 11th house in Aries

It is important for the owners of the 11th house in the sign of Aries to realize that friends are not competitors, overtaking whom they show their uniqueness to the world, and not servants who have come to help them ascend Olympus. The 5th house of personal creativity in Libra hints at an equal partnership, which, combined with other indicators of the 11th house, will give an incredible flow of luck. All they need to do is restrain the desire to quarrel, dominate and praise themselves, and respect friends who have similar views on life.

Friends on the lower floor of Aries should be avoided: swearing, smoking, prone to wind up over trifles and open their arms, with an aggressive life position.

The 11th house can show the circumstances of the death of the father, so it is important to protect him from emotional quarrels, fast driving, communication with dangerous people.

The owner of the horoscope should work in large teams, but at the same time understanding that it takes time to rebuild any social group, according to their high ideals, and haste will destroy everyone.

In their desire to become a leader and carry out all ambitious plans, the energy of talisman stones suitable for the 11th house in Aries will help. These are almandine and ruby.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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