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2nd house in Pisces. Money floats into your hands

The second house is the main indicator of financial wealth combined with good health. If fabulous wealth is most often a matter of chance, inheritance and a successful partnership in the 8th house , then sector 2 gives an understanding of how to make the cash flow stable and manage it without wasting energy and money. It is very difficult for second-home Pisces to resist this.

Under the influence of Neptune, they generously endow friends and even strangers, helping and saving, but do not delve into the essence of the problem. So they can give all the salary to the scammers who have pityed with a tearful story and be left with nothing. But at a high level of spirituality, their kindness returns a hundredfold. Everything that has been given comes through other people at a higher quality level of wealth. The bread given to the beggars turns into an unexpected victory among applicants for a high-paying position or a salary increase.

The nature and methods of communication in the 2nd house in Pisces

Men and women of this type inspire sympathy and trust even among strangers. Warm energy, positive attitude and belief in miracles attract like-minded people to them, but with negative aspects from other planets, unfortunately, also scammers who understand that naive altruists are easy to fool.

The weak point is the lack of practicality and financial literacy. If Neptune stands in a water or air sign, and even more so controls the 2nd house, the native is, in principle, not interested in delving into material matters.

When there is parental and spousal support, he has little idea where the money comes from and does not know its price. This does not mean poverty, on the contrary, Neptune is a fertile planet, and opportunities to get rich themselves float into our hands, but in the absence of grasp and material clues, they slip through our fingers.

At a low level of consciousness, the 2nd house in Pisces gives the absence of disgust and blurring of moral norms. Women live off their fans, fooling them around and meeting with several at once, and men sit on the neck of their mistresses. They may find the wallet on the street and not return it to the owner. At high – they will give and receive a reward from the Higher powers. Wealth and prestigious social status are possible with a strong Jupiter, at the middle stage there are common features of the influence of the 2nd house in Pisces:

  • lack of confidence in their own strengths, talents, the right to wealth and monetization of hobbies, which they would have been doing anyway;
  • painful perception of criticism, dependence on someone else’s opinion and approval;
  • fear of publicly defending one’s point of view and speaking in front of an audience in general;
  • the need for a creative environment, a friendly team without a boss, or with a tolerant leadership that does not impose a single vision of things;
  • financial affairs are shrouded in secrets: those around him consider the native to be a rich man, but in fact he barely makes ends meet, or vice versa;
  • love for beautiful things and works of art, but they can admire them from afar all their lives without making any attempts to make money (at a low level of development they will rather be stolen);
  • excellent acting and artistic abilities become the basis of successful relations with the material world: they enter high social strata thanks to their talents, charm, ability to listen and sympathize.

Absent-mindedness and negligence can be fatal. You need to carefully read the terms of the agreement and contract, and not sign them without looking under the influence of Neptune, which gives a false understanding of cooperation. The native is ashamed to show distrust and check facts. In fact, this will cause big problems.

Relationship with money

Despite their inability to plan for the long term, the second-home Pisces has some stash. Moreover, they often forget where they hid the money and, finding it inside a book or in the pocket of a winter coat, they are excited about the surprise. There are also usually more than two sources of income. A stable income comes from creative directions and activities related to liquids:

  • filmmaking, literature, painting, photography, poetry, music, modeling business;
  • production and sale of alcohol, milk, juice;
  • oil and pharmaceutical industry, maritime business;
  • psychology, church, charity, caring for the sick and the disabled.

Wealth comes from original ideas. The problem is that others invest in them and take most of the income for themselves, and the native remains only with the authorship and the average fee. Also, a person can be a genius seller, on whose energy the company receives 90% of the income, but pays him a tiny bit. At a high level, money comes by itself through people who want to buy priceless – wisdom, knowledge, experience.

Working out the 2nd house in Pisces

It is difficult to harmonize the house, because you will have to be a creative and practical person at the same time, maintaining a balance between these categories. It will be easy for the owners of the Ascendant, 6th house and Saturn in earth signs. The rest will be thrown from interesting, stellar proposals to bitter disappointments at the trough. However, Neptune always gives hope and magical moments of good fortune when everything can be started anew.

The energy of money here is closely related to emotions, inspiration and visual appeal. You cannot completely go into planning and practicality, even a creative mess must be present in your wallet, but it is also naive to believe that financial problems can be solved by themselves and spend more than you earn is the height of infantilism.

It is necessary to resist the destructive effects of the environment, to develop personal responsibility so as not to adopt other people’s vices. It is especially important to understand this for representatives of creative professions.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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