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3rd house in Virgo. Repetition is the mother of learning

Harmonious sector 3 helps to competently manage information flows, keep in touch with the closest circle of communication: relatives, neighbors, classmates, because the sign on the cusp of the house shows the conditions under which training takes place during school years, as well as the nature of teachers who have a beneficial effect on the native. It is important to learn how to properly handle documents and adjust your driving style. When the 3rd house is affected, it is better not to drive at all.

If the Virgo sector and Mercury , as its ruler, are harmonious, then a person will not miss a single trifle and detail, which makes him a neat driver and a corrosive student who can analyze the flow of information in seconds and give a result. But at a low level of development, such people are unbearable. They break off relations if they forgot to pay back a small debt, or because of a stain on the cup, which they did not have time to wash.

Communication at school and with relatives

The miracle of warm friendship rarely happens to the native. Emotions are the weak point of the third house Virgo. They even choose friends on the basis of the sum of common denominators or for practical reasons: we live in the same entrance, we have to sit at a desk with a strong student so that no one cheats. Even with brother and sister, there is no strong emotional connection, with the exception of the Sun, Ascendant, 5th and 11th houses in Pisces, and Cancer. Relatives are practical people, ready to support financially in a difficult situation. If Mercury is negatively aspected, then you should not expect warm words, or even with stinging criticism they will touch you.

At school, the native is listed among the diligent students who do not grab the stars from the sky, but walk in a strong middle. However, any success of the owner of the 3rd house in Virgo presupposes hard work and hard work. Without it, waiting for the teachers’ delight is useless. If the third-home Gemini listens to the topic in English and easily speaks using the new rule, the Virgo wards need to delve into the phased application of nuances, practice and only then apply it publicly. And so in everything.

If there is a discussion or clarification of relations, the native prepares a list of arguments and theses in advance, he may get confused if the opponent does not answer according to a well-thought-out scenario. With retrograde natal Mercury, it is better to state your claims in writing. The main characteristics of the influence of Virgo on the 3rd house:

  • the habit of criticizing and lecturing in communication: the best reason to start a conversation with them is to condemn the actions of politicians, teachers, to complain about irresponsibility and injustice;
  • only facts and figures matter, and feelings and experiences are not even considered;
  • the position of an inconspicuous, diligent student with average abilities, with the exception of trines and sextiles from the Sun to Mercury and the 3rd house, when you can shine as a leader;
  • a clash with the aggression of classmates and neighbors when defeated by Mars and Pluto: they can tease the “crammer”, humiliate them for poverty;
  • acute feeling of inferiority in case of misunderstanding of educational material or mistakes due to inattention.

The tendency towards perfectionism, the search for the ideal friend and teacher, does not allow the native to get the joy of life here and now. He constantly waits for a catch, betrayal and does not forgive even minor offenses.

Car driving and paperwork

There is no driver more disciplined than the third house Virgo. A connoisseur of traffic rules in all countries will always wear a seat belt and will not exceed the speed in the wrong places. Leaving home, be sure to check the state of the roads on the Internet at the time of traffic jams. With the Ascendant in Leo and Aries, she loves to criticize other drivers and only because of strong emotions on this topic can get into an accident.

You need to be especially careful with negatively aspected Mercury in the 8th and 12th houses. Third-house Virgos love nimble little cars that are easy to clean and fuel efficient. They jealously monitor the technical condition of the car so that a small malfunction does not lead to a big trouble.

Similar behavior applies to securities and documents. The native will carefully read every sentence in the contract at the moment of the secret meaning, carefully check all the dates and spelling of names before buying tickets. The main sign of Virgo in the 3rd house is the submission of documents on time. She will never oversleep the date of her passport renewal, unless Mercury is in Pisces.

Working out the 3rd house in Virgo

Excessive criticism, inability to recognize the dignity of other people, even if it is their own brother and sister, cynicism of statements covering up self-doubt, repel potential friends and partners from the native.

A dry character and underdevelopment of emotions greatly complicate life, while the owner of the 3rd house in Virgo himself does not understand that problems arise from an inability to empathize and sympathize. This does not apply to people with Ascendant, Sun, Moon and Venus in Pisces and Cancer, but the rest need to develop emotionality, at least through charity and verbal support for those in trouble, and deep understanding through the heart chakra will come later.

In relationships with relatives, you need to abandon criticism, allow yourself to love unconditionally and illogically, although not allowing you to violate personal boundaries, which mean a lot to Virgo.

The teacher needs to be responsive, attentive and obligatory. If he promised that the native will take part in the Olympiad or receive a letter, he must keep his word. Otherwise, the pain of disappointment will ruin your learning attitude.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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