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3rd house in Capricorn. Know yourself

The third house is a source of useful connections. They relate to the close circle: blood relatives, neighbors, classmates, colleagues, and places of information communication: mail, Internet cafes, schools (before the period of admission to college). This also includes documents and everything that concerns them: bureaucratic instances, courts, notaries. It is interesting that the relationship with the car, the behavior behind the wheel and on the road as a pedestrian also reflects the 3rd house.

In Capricorn, all of the above is associated with obstacles and limitations. The ruler of the sign Saturn is a wise teacher and strict mentor. If you pass his lessons with dignity, you can get an excellent reward – education, thanks to which you become a status rich leader and experience that money cannot buy. That is why the learning process in elementary school takes place in isolation from normal life.

Communication at school and with relatives

Depending on karma and the level of development, the 3rd house in Capricorn manifests itself in a heavy or light form. These can be schools at hospitals and prisons, where the child is not of their own free will, home schooling due to illness, or a prestigious boarding school for privileged members of society, but with strict rules, like the Suvorov School or the Institute for Noble Maidens in pre-revolutionary Russia. Saturn is not only the planet of the poor, it is also an indicator of high status, so it is possible that the native will study at the school for the elite thanks to work and perseverance, for example, having passed exams brilliantly, but financially not matching the “golden” youth, which is why it will not accept as their own. Hence the limitations.

However, with strong Venus and Mercury, social boundaries are likely to blur, when a person is liked at first sight, despite the obvious differences. The 3rd house in Capricorn and the strong Moon with Venus were probably in Cinderella, who, thanks to her kindness and cheerful disposition, entered high society, despite the harsh school of life. If these planets are not manifested and not exalted, then the character and events develop according to the general scenario:

  • hard work, perseverance in achieving goals along the line of the 3rd house, laconicism, a small number of loyal, trusted friends;
  • cold school: problems with heating and friendliness in the team, harsh teachers without emotional empathy and creativity, arrogant classmates;
  • fear of bad grades or public punishment encourages gnawing on the granite of science, even if the topic is not interesting;
  • building emotional barriers between the class and themselves, when the guys do not mind being friends, but the native comes up with a reason to be alone;
  • relatives negatively affect self-esteem, especially if there are difficult aspects to the 1st and 4th houses: they devalue, teach to live from the position of their sad experience, intimidate and criticize;
  • the native himself teaches and finds fault with younger relatives, and this function is included from the moment they enter school;
  • academic success is possible if the atmosphere around is calm, there is no need to rush and answer without preparation.

With a harmonious Saturn, relations with relatives may be deprived of the warmth familiar to many, but they will always help with deeds, not emotions. Without further ado, they will arrange for a good place of work, bring a hot lunch to the hospital, do a general cleaning of the house while the native is on a business trip.

Car driving and paperwork

Saturnian qualities in their pure form are rare, because they are often softened by the positive aspects of Venus, the Moon, Jupiter, therefore, not all representatives of the 3rd house in Capricorn are dry, tough and laconic. But when driving, they are exactly like that in 90% of cases.

Endurance, caution and concern for safety, not only personal but also public, are the key traits of a driver with this position. The third-house Capricorn is experiencing severe stress, starting to drive a car, rechecking all technical issues, adjusting mirrors, making sure that all documents are in order, because it can stop the traffic police. Everything is always too serious with him, but the percentage of accidents is zero even with the Ascendant in Leo, Sagittarius and Aries.

When choosing a car, there are two extremes – old, used, but proven, which he never wants to change for unfamiliar new ones, and status, associated with government cars. The native usually saves on them for a long time and protects like the apple of an eye.

Due to the influence of Saturn, troubles and delays in bureaucratic instances are possible. You cannot treat documents lightly, even a minor mistake and negligence will lead to major troubles.

Working out the 3rd house in Capricorn

In business at home, it is necessary to show diligence, hard work, but not to cause suffering to other people, developing the fourth chakra of the heart. For example, after entering a privileged school, without being initially rich, instead of opposing yourself to others and the Cold War, strive to make friends and show such qualities as altruism, nobility, warmth and support.

It is important to act selflessly, not to serve, but to gain authority. The same rules help an adult native to adapt to a team at work, a boss and a teacher with a complex character. In relationships with brothers and sisters, regardless of their age, the third-house Capricorn will always be the oldest, unless they have the same position in the chart. Here it is important to show oneself as a wise and understanding mentor, and not as a tyrant, limiting in pleasures, because “it is not supposed”.

The native is inclined to severely blame himself for mistakes, which causes psychosomatic illnesses, and also to criticize others, pushing away their friendship and sympathy. Therefore, it is necessary from childhood to educate in him compassion, pity for the fallen and the desire to help.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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