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4th house in Capricorn. Asceticism as a way of life

The 4th corner house is associated not only with childhood, but also with fate, because it denotes an atmosphere that will accompany a native both in his own nest and in his own home. In society, a person manifests himself along the line of the Sun and the Ascendant , and only among close people, among personal space, he shows his true face, needs and reactions hidden in the depths of his soul, transmitted along the genetic line. Hereditary talents, karmic tasks and the result of old age are also visible here.

House 4 in Capricorn symbolizes innate asceticism, when ambitions are directed towards the outside world, and home improvement does not bother. However, without elaboration, on the lower floor of the sign, it is difficult to break out of the limitations of pessimism and envy of more successful families.

Childhood and relationship with parents

The ruler of Capricorn – Saturn gives powerful lessons on working through karma. If you pass them correctly and with dignity, then the reward will also be high. The native’s childhood is sure to pass in harsh conditions and restrictions. This can be a strict religious family, upbringing in a boarding school, lack of stable income from parents. In severe cases, not only love and attention from the mother is absent, but also she herself. Depending on the position of the Moon and karma in general, this may be due to constant wear and tear, but sometimes the 4-house parent dies after the baby is born, although in this case there are many other factors aggravating the situation.

In 90% of cases, the mother is strict and categorical, forbids a lot and brings up through the carrot and stick. It is difficult to negotiate with her, she does not compromise, and in an effort to teach discipline, she easily violates the personal boundaries of children and breaks their individuality over the knee. Of course, if the Moon in the native’s horoscope is in water and air signs, the situation softens a little, but even in the best scenario, parents disappear at work, trying to provide for their children, and forgetting about tenderness and heart-to-heart conversations. Other nuances of the influence of the 4th house in Capricorn on fate:

  • the incredible influence of the mother’s figure on all important decisions and the choice of the role model, since the MC in this case is in Cancer;
  • preference for a profession in which the mother excelled, even if she died, the desire to continue her business;
  • choice of religion on the maternal side, in rare cases, the paternal one, if he has a large 4th house with a stellium of planets;
  • parenting with strict restrictions, even at birth in a status and wealthy family, for example, a ban on watching TV, buying a smartphone, the Internet, communicating with friends from other social circles;
  • sometimes one of the older relatives represents the 4th house in Capricorn, for example, a grandmother or grandfather, with a lot of capital and an authoritarian character, and the mother is forced to obey;
  • lack of love for the native as a person: praise for achievements, severely scold for misdeeds and mistakes;
  • the inability to earn mother’s praise at the slightest defeat of Saturn;
  • the desire to leave home and start working independently in order to break out of other people’s rules, or life-long pessimism: it will not be better anywhere, and dependence on the opinions of others.

The owners of the 4th house in Capricorn are emotionally defenseless inside and frightened by an early encounter with the cruelty and categoricalness of the world. They always strive to get out of the dark labyrinth of fears to the love and nepotism of Cancer. For healing, it is important to strengthen your Moon, showing the qualities of the sign where it is located.

Residence, problem solving, old age

The native is proud of his origin, studies the history of the clan and will never part with the antiquities inherited. Antique furniture in his house is not uncommon, even if it does not belong to him. Intuitively, a person is drawn to old things associated with certain dates, events, eras. In extreme cases, they are bought out of savings and the lack of desire to decorate housing. The native is quite capable of bringing a dilapidated discarded sofa or table to him and using them for many years.

His apartment is most often state-owned, received from the state or on duty. Nearby are administrative buildings, military facilities, but with a harmonious Saturn, he lives not far from ministries, in a comfortable government dacha village or an elite complex. At a low level of elaboration – a working district, an old hostel.

In old age, the native almost always becomes a respected authoritative person, even if his environment is far from the elite social circle.

Working out the 4th house in Capricorn

Given the harsh childhood, the greatest courage and the main karmic task is the ability to express one’s feelings openly, not to suppress internal conflicts, not to take revenge, but to forgive, understand and love. It is important to establish a good relationship with your mother, it is possible to teach her to recognize her emotions and show how to transform them into confidential conversations, and not just actions.

The second line is to allow yourself to be a warm and cordial parent towards children without repeating the mother’s scenario. You can adopt the upbringing of strict discipline, the habit of fulfilling duties, but at the same time be mentally close people, without rigid Saturnian subordination.

The main thing is to take care of reliable housing as early as possible, which will be documented for the native. This will give you a sense of importance and authority and will be a magnet to attract subsequent benefits. The third stage is the development of personality according to the Moon and Venus .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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