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4th house in Libra. Beauty is above all

Childhood and old age, relationships with mother and in their own family, the atmosphere of the house with which a person associates himself – the themes of the fourth sector. The environment and its perception, the roots of the genus, problems and rewards, including inherited talents and real estate – the second line of interpretation. The sign on the cusp will tell you the method and nature of actions for understanding what is happening and harmonizing.

To control the power bestowed on them, you will need to assess the position of the Moon as ruler of the 4th house . Libra encourages the native to strive for nobility and justice, and most importantly, beauty within his space. This was most likely taught by his mother, who has good taste, style and a strong position in society. Solitude and noisy feasts are equally contraindicated.

Childhood and relationship with parents

A person grows up in a beautiful and outwardly prosperous house. In fact, appearances can be deceiving. For example, parents have fallen out of love with each other, but keep the marriage for the sake of children or social status, playing roles in public. Children feel the emotional coldness and tension of the relationship, adopting the rule to save face under any circumstances.

Of course, each mother has her own map that needs to be studied, like the position of the Moon in the native’s horoscope, but it is within the family, communicating with the child, that she behaves in a royal patronizing manner, teaching, helping, but also demanding strict observance of etiquette and subordination with the elders. Often the owners of the 4th house in Libra remember their mother as strict, fair, but stingy with external manifestations of love. This is not a disciplined Virgo, but she, too, will not tolerate a mess in the house and teenage rudeness. The main thing for her is the preservation of harmony and balance, a beautiful picture for guests, and a sincere expression of dissatisfaction with family habits and traditions is considered a betrayal. The main nuances of the influence of the 4th house in Libra on fate:

  • emphasis on classics and prestige in real estate matters, choice of partners, spouses, interior design;
  • business life continues within the walls of an apartment: a lot of money and effort is invested in the design of a personal account or they arrange buffets, social receptions for colleagues;
  • comfort and beauty of the environment is more important than emotional and spiritual closeness with home, for example, there are beautiful shelves with books selected by color, but there is no joint reading and discussion;
  • the search for an aristocratic ambitious partner, similar to a mother, this is especially pronounced in men, and if the Moon is in Aries, Leo and Capricorn, they will choose the dominant female leader, although they may suffer and quarrel with her;
  • when Venus is struck, litigation with spouses, parents, lack of love in marriage, when they hate each other, but smile in public, are not excluded, given the potentially high social status;
  • artistic, cultural, educated environment, rich social life and harmonious relationships with friends, with a strong position of the planet of love.

The native’s main conviction is to preserve the appearance of happiness under any circumstances. Sometimes this helps, but more often it encourages you to agree to a relationship without sincere attention, respect and understanding, just not to admit the truth in front of others.

As a result, they envy him, not realizing how unhappy he is at heart.

Residence, problem solving, old age

The owners of 4 houses in Libra will choose the most prestigious area of ​​the city, but the main thing is beauty and livability. At the same time, they will not live far from the center, even in the most modern complex. They need to feel that the high life is near.

At the same time, it is not a fact that they will often leave their cozy nest, where expensive exclusive things are selected with taste and passion. A special addiction arises to masterpieces of painting and jewelry. If the Sun is in fire and earth signs, a person is focused on an active life.

If any problems arise, you need to be able to agree, find a compromise, apply diplomacy and courtesy. Open resistance and rude responses to offenders will blaze such a fire that you can lose everything. But meekness and cunning will pay huge dividends even in a hopeless situation.

The carriers of the 4th house in Libra age beautifully. They visit theaters, travel, receive guests, arrange literary and musical evenings. There is rarely an excess of Taurus, but they are content with even small things gracefully and remain in the world for the rest of their lives.

Working out the 4th house in Libra

At a low level of development, the native painfully experiences what is said about him. A glance at public opinion does not allow talents to manifest, leads away from friends and true love. It is important to learn how to resist gossip and jealousy, taking root in yourself.

Libra lacks confidence. Sometimes it is the mother who becomes the support and protection, but if the relationship with her is far from ideal, especially if the Moon is in Virgo and Capricorn, then the stereotypes of success accepted in society become the guideline. The suppressed conflicts of family life will inevitably be lost through the influence of the 10th house. This must be monitored and addressed to avoid repetition.

As a rule, this is the absence of personal, emotional contact with partners, which is why they disappear from the native’s life, although initially all the conditions of cooperation suited them. It is important to use the energies of Aries – activity, passion, enthusiasm, indifference to other people’s opinions in order to create a balance between mind and feelings.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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