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5th house in Gemini. Man playing

The 5th sector of the horoscope denotes the sphere of affairs that bring maximum pleasure. This is the potential of creative energy, our inner child, for whom the world is a field for experiments. That is why relationships with their own children, passionate love and flirting, behavior in sex with a partner, when social masks are removed along the Ascendant , go through the fifth house.

The Gemini cusp creates easy-going and flirtatious, charming but unreliable people. They prefer intellectual novels, when most of the action takes place in the imagination, and without unnecessary guilt they go to the left if the mind is fed by a bright verbal duel with a new partner. Children can’t keep them. Warm feelings for a child arise in parallel with pride in his success, but not earlier.

Children and creativity

The harmonious 5th house in Gemini gives an easy friendship with a child. There is no position of a strictly authoritative parent here, rather an eternal holiday, when mom and dad themselves are not averse to playing and fooling around, talking about any topics, including those that are not customary to talk about ahead of time.

The emotional education of the native is not too busy. His element is superficiality: funny trips with a child to the cinema, zoos, checking lessons, but without immersion in what his child really cares about. Yes, he is not averse to colorfully philosophizing on the topic of the question asked, but more from an analytical, logical point of view.

The owners of the 5th house in Gemini are concerned about the intellectual development of children, and only here they show exactingness, believing that they need to shine with their mind, and choose friends so that the environment forms a positive public opinion. Characteristic features of children appearing in native:

  • talkativeness, constant intrusion into the personal space of adults, the imposition of one’s presence and communication, tactlessness;
  • developed intellect, erudition: even if they do not know the answer to the question, they can easily talk and jot down facts on the topic, giving the impression of an expert;
  • the ability to get out of difficult situations, except for the parent with the 5th house in Gemini, no one will catch them in a lie;
  • mobility, restlessness, rich imagination, a huge number of friends, but very few close friends;
  • the ability to quickly learn a large amount of information, but it remains in memory for a short time;
  • the need to lead an active and eventful lifestyle, even during pregnancy and immediately after childbirth, without changing your habits;
  • love of reading, public speaking, lack of shyness, promiscuity in dating (if Mercury and Neptune are affected, and there are also negative aspects of Mars and Pluto, you should be prohibited from going somewhere with unfamiliar people).

Contrary to popular belief, the 5th house in Gemini does not guarantee the birth of twins: this requires a number of additional aspects and indicators. However, on an energetic level, one of the children will be a mirror image of their parent. If there are no negative connections between the 1st and 5th houses, then the relationship with the younger generation will be pleasant and easy, but without deep trust. A native can call up with a child five times a day, discuss events in the world and from the lives of acquaintances, have lunch together, joke and go shopping, but both will avoid discussing personal life, emotional experiences and disappointments. This is a perfect family game that is fun for everyone involved.

Love relationship

With the strong position of Mercury as the ruler of the 5th house in Gemini, the native will charm anyone. They are born actors, talkative and agile, but the creation of the image desired for the interlocutor comes from the mind, and not from the heart, like in Pisces, for example. If the owner of the horoscope wants, then for a while he will become the way the person who is interesting at the moment sees him. This is Cyrano de Bergerac, showering with poetry and compliments, but having reached closeness, he soon loses interest along with the disappeared effect of novelty that excited the imagination. In sex they are selfish, technique is higher than feelings.

Men and women with a 5th house in Gemini are excited by the anticipation of intimate relationships. Sometimes you really want to prolong this feeling that meetings take place only in public places: cafes, theaters, conferences, and nothing goes further than promises. If their beloved Venus and the Moon are not in the air or water element, they will quickly get tired of the emotional swing, when the native’s mood and plans change as quickly as the weather before rain. Therefore, despite the light and contact nature, the owners of the horoscope are often lonely.

Study of the 5th house in Gemini

In this situation, Virgo is often located in the 7th sector, which means it is difficult for a person to fall in love if there is no intellectual equality and similar ambitions. A lot of suffering happens with watery Venus, when love is born in the heart for a person who is fundamentally different from the native, and the mind comes up with new obstacles, why it will not work out to be together.

Excessive criticism and arrogance do not allow to be satisfied with a partner next to him, and even if he is a well-read excellent student, excessive demands often arise for the child. The Mercurian tendency to notice details needs to be switched to a positive mode. Rejoice and thank for any little thing that gives pleasure, and while spending time with children, notice the good in them and praise them for each new achievement.

Mercury wards simply need to develop a sensual nature so as not to go into commercialism and cynicism, especially if Venus is in the signs of Capricorn, Taurus, Aries and Virgo. Jewelry talismans with tsavorite, turquoise , green jasper , tourmaline, pomegranate will help with this .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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