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5th house in Capricorn. the importance of Being Earnest

The fifth sector of pleasure and the inspiring joys of life affects issues of childbirth, creativity, love affairs before marriage. Here, a person manifests itself as an educator, creator of new worlds and a lover. The sign on the cusp of the 5th house will help you find out .

In Capricorn, all spheres of pleasure are subject to limitations imposed by its ruler Saturn . It becomes difficult to express emotions and, as a result, cold, strained relationships with children, the desire to impose their will and constantly control everyone, fear of the manifestation of sexuality and creative innovation. Because of restraint and conservatism, a person misses the chance to be happy.

Children and creativity

Horoscope holders are attached to children with all their hearts, they can even give their lives for them, but they rarely show tenderness through warm words and hugs. But they steadily demand discipline, obedience, strict fulfillment of duties. This makes children feel unloved, tortured, and unhappy.

The child is usually late. Conception is postponed due to fear of fatherhood or motherhood, but obstacles are possible on the event plan: workload, health problems, a suitable partner does not meet for a long time.

If there are two heirs, the Cancer-Capricorn axis turns on, where one is an infantile pet that needs to be patronized, and on the other, an excessively strict demand. However, in most cases, the children of five-house Capricorns and themselves have the following traits:

  • independence, seriousness, an innate mind and the ability to protect oneself from troubles, everyday ingenuity and practicality: even a mama’s favorite on the Cancer line, freed from the care of a parent, can unexpectedly easily take care of itself;
  • self-sufficiency – not boring alone with yourself, no need for an interlocutor or company for leisure;
  • shyness, stiffness of movements at the first meeting, especially if the interlocutor is the exact opposite: cheerful, talkative, agile;
  • an overwhelming fear of appearing ridiculous and unnecessary in the company of the opposite sex;
  • the coincidence of the Lunar nodes in the horoscopes of the parent and the child at late conception, respectively, common karmic tasks and tests;
  • a difficult childhood due to poverty, inability to find a common language, inconsistency with the social circle, for example, a mother works as a cleaner at a school or moonlights in several places to pay for studies in prestigious institutions;
  • perfectionist syndrome, high demands and low returns even with high results.

Emotional stress is the eternal companion of the native and his children. Because of him, they cannot relax and believe in themselves, feel creative impulses, ceasing to be afraid of condemnation and chuckles. The main difficulties on the way of children arise from the feeling of being unloved and devalued, which is read by others, not noticing their obvious talents and external individuality, because five-house Capricorns, with their striving for perfection, directly inspire the child that he is ugly and talentless.

Love relationship

Surprisingly, in terms of love, the native is like an ice statue in which a fire is burning. If you are lucky to meet a companion, sensitive and domineering at the same time, the flame of passion will heal all the complexes and psychological trauma of childhood. Five-house Capricorns are incredibly sexy, although they carefully hide it, fearing to be rejected.

A man will never approach a woman without receiving an advance payment and a hint that he likes him at the level of flirting. The woman, on the other hand, enjoys the conquest by a persistent admirer. Despite the fact that they do not know how to stand on ceremony with the feelings of others, they need to be incredibly tactful and understanding with them, especially in terms of sex. If some desire is ridiculed, the five-house Capricorn will never trust and will not be able to live as before with this partner.

When childhood was difficult, the native is stingy with words of sympathy and is even afraid to give gifts and talk about love, even though he has already made an offer. He will definitely thaw out if the partner behaves correctly. Here salvation will be the kind and selfless Cancer according to the Sun, Venus for women, Mars for men, or the Ascendant for both sexes, which can melt the Saturnian ice.

Working out the 5th house in Capricorn

One of the ways to harmonize the fifth sector in Capricorn will be joint work with children or even teaching a common cause. Success in this case depends on the native’s awareness, because you need to restrain your inclination towards tyranny and authoritarianism. When a person is unsure of himself, there is a fear that the child will surpass him. Having learned to rejoice at the achievements of his continuation in this world, the five-house Capricorn will solve half of the karmic problems.

Prosperity awaits in financial management, jewelry, industry, individual entrepreneurship as a chief, manager of any direction, producer, master designer, architect. In communicating with children, you should learn to express your feelings in words, without expecting that the child will understand everything anyway. Material support for a child’s worldview is not proof of love. Better to spend leisure time together, play, walk and talk heart to heart.

Romantic luck comes to the native after 30, so you should not worry about prolonged loneliness.

Tanzanite, blue topaz , azurite , blue zircon , spinel and tourmaline will become wonderful stones – talismans for attracting love and opening the heart chakra .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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