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5th house in Taurus. The warmth of the parent’s nest

The house of projects and creativity, self-expression and pleasure, personal individuality, relaxation and the ability to enjoy the present, will tell you what kind of native is in love and in relationships with children. The circumstances of their birth, demeanor and ways of raising a child, communication with the opposite sex during the period of flirting and physical intimacy are also influenced by the sign on the cusp of the 5th house . At the anatomical level, it is associated with the abdominal cavity.

The 5th house in Taurus forms a sensual and deeply loving nature. Children are the basis of life philosophy, however, difficulties with conception often arise. A person wants to enjoy all the material joys of life, give posterity the opportunity to get the best things, a prestigious education, and provide housing. At a low level – slow development, emotional dryness and limited horizons.

Children and creativity

Calmness and optimism are the leading themes at home. Usually Taurus is a prolific sign, but if the Moon is in the earth and air elements, then he can postpone conception until later, when there are no financial problems, and this affects health. By waiting for a long time, enjoying the present moment, the native misses the best fertility time.

If everything is fine with material issues, then pregnancy and the birth of a baby occur easily and calmly, and later he does not cause trouble: he sleeps well, eats and gets along with others. Highlights of the influence of the 5th house in Taurus on relationships with children:

  • the desire to feed, provide, solve all the financial needs of the child leads to lack of initiative and weakness of the latter;
  • lack of trusting spiritual relationships, much comes down to material aspects: buy clothes, pay for tuition and tutors, portray family well-being at a photo shoot;
  • the innate talents of a musician, fashion designer, jeweler, singer in a child (the position of the Moon is important here, for example, if it is in Taurus, then it’s as if the voices of the native and his children are beautiful);
  • communication with offspring brings joy, joint creative projects are possible, since everyone has financial acumen and values ​​money, but slowness and caution hinder a quick take-off;
  • the native’s realization occurs through pride in the achievements of children, so he invests a lot in their development and often, like a locomotive, pushes them to the top of social success.

If there are negative aspects with Mercury, then the offspring cannot boast of a developed intellect, but they still study at prestigious institutions, thanks to the practical acumen of their parents.

The creative energy of the five-house Taurus finds its best expression in handicraft, sculpture, and cooking. It is important for him to see that people enjoy the results of his work. Sometimes work is associated with theater and cinema, but as a behind-the-scenes worker. The native creates wonderful decorations, costumes, and makeup for artists. Self-entry on stage is possible as a musician or singer, in the case of a harmonious arrangement of the Moon and Venus.

Love relationship

For a five-house Taurus, family and children are paramount. For their sake, they are ready for any feats, but you should not expect excessive romance from them. A man with a 5th house in Taurus can copy the courtship script from the movie, in an attempt to win his beloved, but after getting married, he considers it unnecessary to give bouquets of flowers and spend money on hotels when he can sit in the country and enjoy the fruits of agricultural labor. He is a loyal family man, does not like experiments in sex and an active social life.

Women with a 5th house in Taurus are also quite conservative. They will not save expensive outfits and perfumes for the outings, preferring to make them their everyday reality. The key moment of family life: to feed and provide for everyone. They look closely at their partner for a long time, choosing a financially wealthy person. As a rule, even a slight fall in love does not happen if it is known that a man is from a low social circle or earns little.

If the native is not spiritually developed, the hedonism of the five-house Taurus is expressed through lust, when sex occurs for the sake of momentary pleasure, and if this is not possible, gluttony replaces it.

Study of the 5th house in Taurus

Энергия пятого сектора фонтанирует при реализации главной задачи – воспитании многочисленного потомства, сытого и обеспеченного. Как правило, препятствие к этому сидит у натива в голове. Мужчины и женщины с 5 домом в Тельце боятся заводить детей, когда финансовое положение на среднем уровне.

Им нужно, чтобы денег было более, чем достаточно, хотя все эти вопросы реально решать параллельно друг другу. Женщинам проще, ведь можно положиться на супруга, который возьмет на себя ответственность за материальную сторону.

Мужчины же понимают, что должны обеспечивать семью, а детям они хотят дать вещи только высшего качества, поэтому решаются на одного ребенка или откладывают этот вопрос на неопределенный срок. Здесь нужно включить интуицию и веру в помощь высших сил Скорпиона, как антипода Тельца, не отказываться от поддержки и советов друзей, рожденных под этим знаком.

Сложности с беременностью у женщин вызваны поражением Венеры, поэтому важно прорабатывать ее через творчество и развитие своей женственности, которая часто страдает от излишней практичности. Рекомендуется носить талисманы-украшения с бриллиантами, цирконами, малахитом и бирюзой.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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