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6th house in the sign of Pisces

A sense of duty, the ability to work long and fruitfully, performing the necessary and difficult work, to take care of their physical endurance, are defined by the 6th sector of the horoscope. By the sign on its cusp, one can understand what diseases are characteristic of the native, take measures to harmonize, and also choose the best tactics for moving towards the highest goal of destiny in the 10th house. Enemies and envious people are also read in this section of the map.

The owners of the 6th house in Pisces become hostages of  dirty work if they are at a low level of development. The higher their consciousness and unity with religious egregors, the more creative their activities will be. Diseases they inspire themselves or become victims of harmful addictions. For harmonization, it is important to find a point of balance, which is very difficult.

Work and discipline

Representatives of the 6th house in Pisces do not know how to refuse, therefore, even if they are creative and sublime, people unconsciously or deliberately begin to dump a heap of routine duties on them. It will be especially difficult for them to cooperate with the owners of the 6th sector in Leo, Aquarius and Capricorn, but they will work well with the six-house Virgo and Scorpio in tandem.

These individuals need to be controlled, brought back to reality, reminded of the timing and expectations of the bosses. They seem not to be against work, but they cannot calculate how long it will take, plunge into one task and forget about others. Like Cancers, there is a strong dependence on mood and momentary inspiration. If they are, the results are excellent, if not, they are very bad.

Love very strongly motivates a native to work and study, if the teacher and the boss are admired, the energy of falling in love will lead to a stunning effect, otherwise a lazy and careless worker is often fired from еру place of residence.

The main lines of influence of the 6th house in Pisces on character and destiny:

  • rich imagination, non-standard approach to problem solving, participation, ability to take care of wards and clients, good intuition;
  • the habit of taking on a mountain of responsibilities in order to seem good, for the sake of praise, and in the end: inability to cope with everything;
  • frequent evasion from errands happens when Neptune is struck and exalted, but at the same time an imitation of violent activity is skillfully created, although in essence there will be no results;
  • wrong attitude to work duties: worries a lot about the suitability of the position, that others are better, impostor syndrome and low self-esteem;
  • quick adaptation in creative organizations without a clear work schedule;
  • pluging into artistic creativity with a complete separation from reality;
  • a unique ability to obey and comply with all, even strange, requirements of the leadership.

Six-douse Pisces often have disappointments in their chosen activities, especially if Neptune is in the 10th house, and they start from scratch many times. But it is important to choose one direction and improve in it.

Disease predisposition

Men and women with a 6th house in Pisces have a unique sense of their body and understanding of the diagnosis before the doctor makes it. The fact is that in this situation, doctors often incorrectly determine the cause of the disease, and incorrectly selected drugs can cause intoxication. It is all the fault of blurred symptoms, or when people to heal on their own, understanding what is happening to them, and arrogantly believe that the doctor is useless.

Six-house Pisces love to restore strength with herbal decoctions, aromatherapy, meditation and the selection of pills on the Internet. Sometimes it really helps, but often it smears the course of the disease, and doctors mistakenly believe that the crisis is over. The weak point is lymph. Major diseases in the 6th house in Pisces:

  • adenoids, tonsillitis, persistent rhinitis: all the symptoms of a frequently ill child;
  • problems with the thymus and the endocrine system in general, drug and respiratory allergies with uncontrollable sneezing, conjunctivitis;
  • bronchial asthma, Quincke’s edema, diathesis, psoriasis, poisoning, allergy to pollen, insects, food;
  • mental disorders, Alzheimer’s disease;
  • slagging of the body due to malnutrition, alcohol abuse, smoking.

In the case of six-house Pisces, Pluto does not affect the diagnosis of cancer. It is advisable to undergo frequent examinations by an oncologist.

Elaboration of the 6th house in Pisces

It is more important for people with 6th house in the sign of Pisces than for other signs to monitor the purity of thoughts and the hygiene of the physical body. Virgo, the symbolic ruler of the 6th house, is located directly opposite Pisces, so any dirty thoughts, negative emotions will quickly provoke psychosomatic ailments.

With the opposition of Neptune, Moon and Lilith, the habit of living in a mess is often formed, when both the house and the desktop in the office are littered with garbage and unnecessary things. This discourages the flow of positive career change opportunities.

The power reserve of six-house Pisces is small, stress destroys it in the bud. It is necessary to go in for sports, ideally swimming, drawing, photography, writing poetry, pouring out suppressed conflicts into creativity, and also constantly work with a psychologist. Vaccinations often give allergic reactions, but they need to be done in order to create immunity, they just need to keep medicines ready.

Six-house Pisces talisman stones will help promote health and attract creative work opportunities. These are larimar, mother of pearl, corals, blue agate, turquoise, aquamarine.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 6th House in Pisces:


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