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7th house in Aries. Burning in the crucible of passions

The house of relationships in all spheres of life: in love, friendship, cooperation and even enmity, shows what a person expects from contacts with other people, and how he expresses himself in any union. You can also determine what the prospective spouse, friend and boss values ​​in the partner above all else, and show yourself from this side.

The 7th house teaches development through a close circle of friends, the ability to accept the successes of others and learn from enemies the missing qualities. The likelihood of marriage and divorce, the personality of the spouse is also read by the planets and the sign on the Descendant. In Aries, he encourages to look for ever-pulsing passion, emotional ups and downs in relationships, and determination and courage become the main magnet of attraction.

Behavior in marriage and partnership

Seven-domed Aries are frivolous, impulsive and very amorous. This is both a platonic admiration for friends and even rivals, if they are beautiful, passionate and successful, as well as physical attraction. At a low level of development, it dominates and becomes the basis for marriage, even if the chosen one does not have high moral qualities. Therefore, divorces and partings are not uncommon for a native. Passion fades, rose-colored glasses fall down, Martian irritation turns on.

Aries’ ruler, Mars, strongly influences character. The position in the fire signs provokes unpredictable actions in a relationship: a spontaneous marriage after 3 days of dating or a divorce without warning of the 2nd half. When the owners of the 7th house in Aries get bored with friends or life partners, they easily tear all contacts by sending divorce documents by mail or changing their phone number. But while there is interest, it is difficult to find a more loyal and attentive partner.

Outwardly, men and women with the 7th house in Aries are beautiful and graceful, since the Ascendant is in Libra. They give the impression of noble aristocrats and few people imagine that serious passions and fantasies are boiling inside them, and their behavior can be tough and decisive. In the highest manifestation, they are heroes, without fear and reproach, and at the lowest level, they are selfish, going over their heads for personal goals. Men can have an affair with a married lady, and girls can beat a rival.

Relationship partner image

Men and women with the 7th house in Aries are impressed by bright self-sufficient individuals who know how to make decisions. Given the Ascendant in Libra, it is difficult for them to make choices regarding social issues. That is, in terms of love and cooperation, they are determined quickly and impulsively, rushing into a whirlpool headlong into a new adventure, but they hesitate and doubt everything else. Here you need a strong-willed and authoritative partner, but at the same time, not a bore and not a homebody.

Owners of the 7th house in Aries love sports, travel, meeting friends and are jealous of personal freedom. If a husband or wife begins to help them move up the career ladder and free them from such a hated routine, everyday issues that distract from really interesting things, this will be the ideal option.

The only problem is that in anticipation of the handsome prince and princess, who will be taken to the top of Olympus, the owners of the 7th house in Aries find themselves at the mercy of manipulative abuser, whose assertiveness and authority they have misinterpreted.

Women with such indicators are often beaten, especially if Mars in her horoscope is in Aries, and a man with Venus and the Moon gets a scandalous spouse there. The profession of a life partner is also associated with fire, power, domination. These are firefighters, military men, businessmen, athletes, politicians, policemen, investigators.

If Aries partially captures the 6th house, or Mars is in the 10th sector, the spouses can work in the same area and compete with each other up to regular fights at home.

Working out the 7th house in Aries

Many astrologers interpret the Descendant in Aries as a prerequisite for divorce. However, everything depends on the person himself and the correct choice of a partner, for which it is important to focus on the previous section of the article. It is important to understand that external brutality and assertiveness do not guarantee support and problem solving for the native.

It is best to choose the carriers of Mars and Venus in Sagittarius as life companions, since competition and clarification of relations with knives will inevitably occur with other fire signs, but Sagittarius wards will easily adapt to the fiery temperament of the cardholder and support them in their search for adventure.

To determine the nature and circumstances of the appearance of enemies, it is necessary to analyze the positions of the two rulers of the sign – Mars and Pluto.

For the 7th house in Aries, the representatives of the Plutonian appearance and character will become obvious enemies, and the secret ones – of the Martian nature. That is, the outwardly brave and decisive can secretly envy the native, while the mysterious, dark in nature, on the contrary, can completely openly confront him.

That is why it is better not to look for friends and partners among solar and ascendant Aries and Scorpio.

To harmonize the 7th house in Aries, it is important to choose the right talisman stones that will protect from enemies and attract the passionate love that the native dreams of. In the first case, you need to wear sherl, obsidian , jet , and happiness in your personal life will bring ruby , almandine , scarlet corals .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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