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7th house in the sign of Aquarius

Energy exchange with partners in love, friendship and even enmity greatly affects the development of personality. The 7th house is responsible for long-term relationships that have been developed by previous generic programs and require a solution in this incarnation. Thanks to the tips of this sector on the sign on the Descendant, its ruler, aspects with other planets, it is much easier to understand what to work on and where to strive, and most importantly, to figure out potential enemies in advance.

The 7th house in Aquarius increases the need for freedom to such an extent that even having united with a loved one by marriage, its owners will constantly disappear outside the home, and without the opportunity to retire, they will suffocate. The reason for this is a long-standing fear of losing independence, which needs to be elaborated so as not to be left alone closer to old age.

Behavior in marriage and partnership

Aquarius Descendant means Leo Ascendant. In addition to freedom, men and women with such a 7th house need the admiration of the public, the worship of the opposite sex and a rich social life.

A formal relationship with one person limits flirting with other fans, and this subconsciously feels like an outflow of life-giving energy. Therefore, seven-house Aquarians are in no hurry to enter into marriage, but they can twist several novels at the same time. It makes no sense to push them to legitimize the relationship until they themselves are ripe.

There will be no quiet home life here. The winds of distant wanderings beckon stronger than the love of the most worthy partner. But even when they decide on an alliance, they will expect a husband or wife to either share their extravagant lifestyle and adventures, or give them the opportunity to enjoy freedom on their own. In this regard, it is easier for men than for women who remain alone, since it is difficult to find a spouse who agrees to these conditions.

Freedom for the owners of the horoscope is not equal to the ability to change. This only happens if the Leo Ascendant does not receive enough attention and admiration from the partner. It often happens that fighting for independence, men and women with the 7th house in Aquarius achieve it, but they kill the desire to please them in their spouses, because earlier signs of attention were perceived as an attack on freedom.

On the other hand, they themselves will also not interfere with the self-realization of another person, check his phone book and interrogate where he was at night. Unfortunately, solar Pisces, Leo, Virgo perceive this as indifference.

Marriage partner image

The main desire of the seven-house Aquarius regarding relationships is love and business, not like everyone else. They are attracted to original, even extravagant in their style, manner of communication, ideas and goals, people. At the same time, they must be wise and far-sighted in order to condescend to their inherent theatricality and help to carry out bold plans with the support of their experience.

Like other airy seventh houses, friendship dominates love here. Acquaintance takes place in unusual places and travels, as well as at IT conferences, on the Internet on dating sites, at fashion premieres, parties, astrology courses. The future husband and wife are always noticeable, bright, interesting in their dissimilarity to others. There is something in their appearance that stands out from the general harmony of the image. Sometimes these are representatives of the Aquarius profession: pilots, web designers, marketers, astrologers, inventors and researchers.

The image of the enemy at the 7th house in Aquarius

The war of minds is the most that threatens people with the 7th house in Aquarius. Being full of the most daring plans that will seem strange and inadequate to an ordinary person, they always cause bewilderment and whispering behind their backs, and sometimes open discussions. At a low level of awareness, the owners of the 7th house in Aquarius are sensitive to criticism and throw themselves into the fire of the dispute, ready to defend their ideas until the opponent’s arguments are completely crushed.

When Uranus is struck or its tense aspect with Mars, this threatens not only with moral devastation, but also with physical violence, as they lose their minds.

At a high level of development, the seven-house Aquarians participate in the information war, but which world concepts they defend depends on their personal choice. With equal success, it can be both the light and the dark side. Weak Mercury, Uranus, and Saturn lead to cloud wandering and a slow response to enemy attacks. They should be wary of false friends and gossip behind their backs.

Elaboration of the 7th house in Aquarius

The secret of elaboration of the house and neutralizing the enemy lies in cooperation with the enemies, when people with the 7th house in the sign of Aquarius discreetly identify opponents, turn them into allies and use their energy for peaceful purposes, eluding direct blows. To do this, it is necessary to develop diplomatic abilities, intuition, empathy and the ability to please people through Venus, Mercury and Neptune.

Life with such individuals is a journey, in one place they feel bad, which immediately results in quarrels and scandals with loved ones. If you want to keep them, you need to let them go. Seven-house Aquarius lack tact and the ability to gradually reveal their talents, but throwing out their bright talents like toys from Santa Claus’s bag in front of their superiors, they receive envy and irritation in response. It is necessary to descend from heaven to earth, position themselves carefully and accept praise more modestly.

Talisman stones will help them find a suitable partner and strengthen the mental field to resist envious people. Owners of the 7th house in Aquarius will suit paraiba tourmaline, opal, sultanite, blue topaz, aquamarine and amethyst.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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