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8th house in the sign of Gemini

The eighth house of the horoscope is truly magical. It is responsible for the spiritual and even physical reincarnation of a person, and the zodiac sign here shows the areas in which it is necessary to change in order to move to the highest level of financial management, gain wealth and even defeat death, if the compensator is chosen correctly. Most often, development in the 8th house comes through crises, illnesses and resources of other people, such as spouses, or inheritance from older relatives, as well as sexual relationships.

The 8th house in Gemini brings a sea of minor troubles instead of several major crises. The problem is in the habit of a person to blow things out of proportion, turning an unfortunate incident into a drama of the century, or vice versa, to dismiss problems without attaching importance, and then, in horror, rake up the consequences of their frivolity.

Crises and sources of danger

Eight-house Gemini are very strong in mental activity, which helps to quickly navigate in relation to modern types of earnings, but at the same time immerses their mind in an endless “word mixer” and analysis of their own and other people’s behavior, emotional reactions, news and conversations. With the water and air Moon and Venus in opposition to Mercury, they hang in an endless mixing of facts, playing hypothetical scenarios in the head, which leads to stress, lack of sleep and rapid deterioration of the nervous system.

With harmonious Mercury, Uranus and Saturn, crisis situations are overcome artistically and with humor, it becomes possible to rise above the problem, laugh at it and easily take it apart, creating something new and useful. The main sources of danger with the 8th house in Gemini:

  • respiratory diseases (bronchitis, pneumonia, SARS), since the process develops very quickly, and even a simple cold can turn into a fatal problem;
  • smoking, getting a foreign object into the respiratory tract, the likelihood of choking through negligence or drinking something detrimental to health;
  • gossip, slander, intrigues, denunciations, anonymous complaints to superiors without reason, denigration of reputation in the form of both targeted actions and slander by mistake;
  • own frivolous statements, chatter, retelling of other people’s gossip, condemnation and complaints that contribute to the emergence of enemies out of the blue, where they could not be;
  • injuries in transport accidents as a pedestrian, due to one’s own inattention or absent-mindedness;
  • theft by those entering the house or during a trip on a crowded bus, on a business trip, fraudulent withdrawal of money from a card, “divorce” by phone or by “mummers” intruders;
  • gambling for money, participation in financial pyramids, deception of relatives.

In the life of the owners of the 8th house in Gemini, there are many temptations to suddenly and radically change the fundamental components of this sector: spouses, financial condition, place of residence, even religion (for example, distribute everything to the poor and go into asceticism, invest in the information business and leave for Bali) and in the right thoughtful scenario, this will actually lead to a happy, fulfilling life, or they will realize that they made a mistake and choose a more productive option.

Money and passion

Men and women with the 8th house in Gemini do not consider it shameful to manipulate others when it comes to their personal or corporate financial gain. They also try to unravel the secrets of wealth thinking, constantly attend trainings on pumping up a personal brand and influencing reality with the power of thought.

The main thing is to stop in time and move on to practice, otherwise they are so deeply immersed in the process of studying the subconscious that they forget about the main work. Holders of the 8th house in Gemini also easily enrich themselves in the information business, launching their own online courses or producing other experts.

They prefer to talk more about sex, to create the impression of sophisticated and experienced comrades, but the owners of Mars in the signs of fire and water will be really skillful and sensual. If the planet of fire and passion is in the element of air, all the speeches of the owners of the 8th house in Gemini should be taken as their fantasies. Passion arises from the desire to merge with the mind of a loved one, and igniting of the imagination of the eight-house Gemini can be done through flirtatious conversations on intimate topics.

Elaboration of the 8th house in Gemini

Crises and trials are given in order to understand the strength of one’s intellect, to develop the ability to get out of any situation through the possession of words, thoughts and knowledge, as well as artistry and dexterity.

If Mercury is afflicted and retrograde, then people with the 8th house in the sign of Gemini will often encounter problems, solving which they will elaborate the planet of intellect and at the same time their own flexibility of thinking. As a rule, after such stresses, serious shocks occur less frequently.

As a compensator, it is good to speak in public as often as possible, especially using Internet platforms, to conduct training workshops for people younger than you, including schoolchildren, to participate in youth politics, various debates, quests, and games.

Perfectly elaborates the problematic moments of the 8th house in Gemini participation in amateur concerts and theaters. It is also indicated to study financial management and the art of sales, since in these areas they can easily get rich, but without special knowledge it will be more difficult. They should definitely control their speech and not talk too much, because a careless word will spark a fire of gossip.

Beryl and blue topaz jewelry will be a talisman against evil tongues for the owners of the 8th house in Gemini.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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