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8th house in the sign of Virgo

The eighth house of the horoscope is an indicator of crises, painful changes and karmic lessons that must be passed for spiritual growth and purification of the generic energy from the mistakes of the past. Potential threats to life, illness and circumstances of death are also read here. With a competent approach, they can be elaborated  and transferred to the plane of the symbolic rebirth of the soul, avoiding physical death. This is often helped by the management of large financial resources.

8th house in Virgo requires careful attention to money and health. They are the source of anxiety and problems. Absent-mindedness and carelessness cause tragic events and loss of reputation, while pettiness and tediousness in strategically important things destroy relationships and even the fate of the native.

Crises and sources of danger

Eight-house Virgos go crazy over little things that are not a problem for the average person. They easily lose their peace and sleep if they ordered kitchen furniture and it was not delivered on time or they were told that there was no furniture of the chosen color left, and they also refuse to meet friends in a restaurant, worrying about how to pay their personal bill in the general pool.

If they were not given 5 cents in change, then the store management receives a complaint in response with a neatly attached check and a meticulous description of the incident. People around think that such individuals have nothing to do, but this powerful force of the 8th house, imprisoned under Virgo, haunts the head, especially if Mercury is in the same sign or in Capricorn. They drive doctors crazy, asking in detail the nuances of taking medications and describing in detail all their symptoms.

At the same time, such meticulousness and suspiciousness helps to avoid the main dangers of the 8th house in Virgo:

  • industrial injuries at the square of Mercury and Mars;
  • financial problems and intrigues of colleagues, intrigues, gossip, even theft in the workplace;
  • interception of the position and due awards from younger, inexperienced, but nosy colleagues;
  • minor infections and injuries that, due to carelessness, can pose a threat to health (forgotten splinter or scratch from a rusty nail);
  • negligence of doctors during surgery or cosmetic procedure;
  • nervous strain, depression, insomnia lead to diseases of the intestines, stomach, obsessive movement neurosis and mental disorders;
  • the probability of being covered with earth or falling under a collapse in the mountains, surviving a clinical death.

Similar things happen when Mercury is badly afflicted. The details of the trouble are read on the planet as part of the aspect. Particularly dangerous here are Mars and Pluto, partly Neptune, scattering attention, and Uranus. In most cases, the eight house Virgo’s taste for detail saves their lives.

Passion and money

The owners of the 8th house in Virgo are literally obsessed with sex, trying to overcome internal frigidity and cater to the standards of public admiration for sex symbols. Men surround themselves with many beauties, demonstrate love victories, although in fact, if Venus is not in the signs of water, they themselves do not need such a rich sensual life. However, the fear of being seen as a loser in love drives them to new adventures.

Women also emphasize their sexual appetites, love to talk about romance, even if it was only at the level of flirting, and honestly try to set records in physical intimacy, just by reading that it is good for health.

Such forcing oneself into active relationships has a deplorable effect on mental balance and leads to severe complexes. It seems that for others, anyway, this side of the relationship is brighter and more romantic, they are more able, they are more loved. The native is unaware that the matter is not in the physical side of love, but in the inner need for sensuality.

The scrupulousness and practicality of the eight-house Virgo is manifested in the management of other people’s finances. Big money comes to them in the positions of accountants, bankers, brokers, financial consultants and insurance agents.

Elaboration of the 8th house in Virgo

People with the 8th house in the sign of Virgo are terribly afraid of criticism and condemnation, therefore, despite the fact that minor stresses are not as dangerous as tragedies and disasters, it is extremely difficult for them to change their worldview.

It is important to constantly transform and develop in the area where Mercury is the ruler of the sign, and Pluto is the owner of the 8th house. These are the keys to working through all the topics, but such people are sometimes unable to force themselves to leave their comfort zone. This will require the art of small steps and the ability to plan.

Moving according to their own instructions, it is easier to get rid of complexes and restrictions. To harmonize the 8th house in Virgo, public speaking, participation in theatrical performances, where they can appear in different images (Mercury and Pluto are being elaborated at the same time), financial literacy training, practical investments, are perfect.

It is important for them to watch their language, to restrain caustic criticisms of other people. A careless word will ignite the fire of enmity, just as easily as a pot forgotten on the stove, so attention to household trifles cannot be weakened.

Red and green jasper, tsavorite, light green tourmaline, emerald and citrine will be excellent charms against distraction and pettiness for the 8th house in Virgo.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 8th House in Virgo:


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