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8th house in the sign of Cancer

The eighth house is the place of transformation of human vital energy. The sooner people realize that crises are a period for changing consciousness and reactions to stressful events, the more likely it is to avoid an absurd death by negligence in the areas of the sign that the 8th house of the horoscope falls on. All experiences, blows of fate, illnesses, losses are read here, but also ways to earn big money, the ability to manage other people’s resources, sexual attraction and be magically attractive to the opposite sex.

The eighth house in Cancer requires hardening of the spirit, because initially it was so sensitive to stress that even joyful events, such as the birth of children, weddings, anniversaries, plunge them into nervous experiences. And at the same time, having got into really tragic large-scale incidents, they quickly adapt and survive, thanks to the sensitivity of the ruler of the sign – the Moon. 

Crises and sources of danger

Everything that happens in life affects the owners of the 8th house in Cancer psychologically, so they need time to realize the reality and adjust to it. Deep emotional experiences make them look at themselves and loved ones in a new way, strengthen relationships or change priorities.

The main dream of a native is to leave behind a historically and spiritually valuable heritage, so that people remember him or her as a person and creator. It is for the sake of approaching this goal that crises and blows of fate occur. A stressful event occurs quickly and, as a rule, does not bring a strong defeat, but constantly scrolling through what happened in the head, re-experiencing and experiencing pain, such individuals injure themselves more painfully than the offenders themselves.

The second source of destruction is the habit of predicting the negative, worrying about what has not yet happened. This exhausts the already vulnerable nervous system, especially with a weak or affected Moon. Aspects with Neptune enhance intuition, but also frighten the mind with vivid pictures of catastrophes and hypothetical illnesses that can happen to loved ones. The real dangers that threaten the owners of the 8th house in Cancer:

  • difficult relationship with the mother: she can get very sick and thereby create severe stress on the child, impose her vision of the world, humiliate, devalue achievements, manipulate guilt through threats to die and leave the native alone;
  • difficulties with conception, pregnancy and childbirth (more often with the Moon affected by negative aspects), constant worries about the health of the child, as a rule, irrational, born only by an ardent imagination;
  • susceptibility to evil eye, slander, acceptance of someone else’s negative opinion at one’s own expense and destructive emotions about this;
  • psychosomatic causes of illness due to excessive vulnerability and endless internal suffering;
  • stomach problems, abdominal obesity, metabolic disorders, endocrine system, and in women, diseases of the uterus, ovaries, breasts;
  • dangers on the water due to negligence and violent actions on the part of other people.

The position of the moon has a great influence on behavior. If it is in the signs of fire, then problems are perceived more easily and the more active resistance. The owners of the water moon are stuck in emotions and cannot get out without outside help.

Passion and money

Wealth comes from intuition. A person may not understand financial instruments, but feel inwardly where to invest and then receive fabulous profits.

An inheritance from one’s clan or family of the spouse also suddenly transfers the native to a high material level. Men and women with the 8th house in Cancer are among the lucky ones who find treasure in the attic or during the repair of an old house belonging to their ancestors. Interesting finds at the bottom of the sea are not excluded – golden rings or ancient amphorae. While walking along the beach, it is useful for such people to look under their feet: there is always a chance at least to see the lost coins and jewelry.

Love for the owners of the 8th house in Cancer means a transition to marital status. The idea of ​​absolute romance and devotion of the native is erroneous. Of course, both men and women become faithful and loving life partners, but most of all they value comfort and security, so they will experience a passionate attraction only to someone who provides their financial appetites.

A cozy home, a stable salary, travel – the heart of an eight-house Cancer responds to these triggers. This is the case when sexual delight comes in response to care and material support, even if initially there was no love for the companion.

Elaboration of the 8th house  in Cancer

The topics of death and wealth cause a strong fear in the native, as they mean leaving the usual comfort zone. Sex also belongs to this category, when there is no experience of physical intimacy or there was a long break in the relationship. Given the secrecy, the feeling that these areas are forbidden for discussion, they are simply thrown into the depths of the subconscious, which gives rise to a repressed conflict. Because of this, diseases arise on the basis of psychosomatics.

In order to avoid the growth of tumors and hormonal failure, it is important for people with the 8th house in the sign of Cancer to establish harmonious relationships with their mother or grandmother, any woman of the family with whom they can discuss their fears. As a last resort, they need to find a good girlfriend or psychologist to elaborate internal phobias and conflicts, as well as bravely face fears, which is actually required by the Ascendant in Sagittarius. On the water, they should be careful and regularly undergo preventive examinations by a gynecologist and urologist.

The best talisman stones from anxiety and enemies for the 8th house in Cancer will be cacholong, belomorite, jade of light apple shades.


Vasilisa Vishneva

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