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8th house in the sign of Libra

The eighth house is the most mysterious and mystical sector of the horoscope. It symbolizes other people’s finances and resources, to which the native will have access, using talents according to the sign on the house cusp, sexual energy, karmic secrets, illness and even death. However, it depends on the study of the house whether it will be real or a metaphorical transition to another reality. A person needs a transformation in the topics of the eighth sector, and how exactly to do this, the aspects with the planets, the ruler and the sign of the zodiac will tell.

Libra is looking for harmony and partnership, so you should not expect serious trials, unless Venus is struck as a ruler. Diplomatic skills help to get out of crises, gaining popularity and wealth, but problems with a marriage partner cannot be avoided.

Crises and sources of danger

Men and women with the 8th house in Libra, like Virgos, experience stress even from positive changes. They need time to get used to and adjust, but the flexibility of thinking and diplomatic skills make these experiences invisible to others.

Serious upheavals are associated with the loss of social status and reputation, when business collapses, spiteful critics deprive of positions and awards, tell lies, denigrating the name. People need to be especially careful with the presence of Lilith and Pluto in the 8th house and negative aspects from them to Mercury and Venus. The feeling of excessive importance in individuals in relation to themselves will instantly cause clicks on the nose from the Universe.

The owners of the 8th house in Libra fuss, proving that they are good, pleasing both ours and yours, and in the end they understand that there are more problems from this. Major crises occur when Venus is afflicted, but the influence of other negative aspects cannot be ruled out:

  • problems in relationships with the opposite sex, especially when financial stability and a strong position in society are associated with a partner. Its loss means the collapse of life and can lead to extreme measures: persecution, threats, suicide, destruction of reputation, just to return;
  • the absence of marriage with a worthy person after a certain date, when everyone around asks about the reasons for loneliness: there is a danger of entering into a marriage of convenience without love and suffering all the life;
  • violence and injuries associated with beauty: complications after plastic surgery, Botox injections, forced sex at work for women;
  • kidney problems due to stress and addiction to alcohol if the Ascendant is in Pisces;
  • the loss of a loved one leads to long-term depression and loss of finances;
  • gynecological and urological infections, inflammation of the ovaries, uterus in women, prostatitis in men;
  • envy and groundless slander from beautiful, rich girls.

Since Saturn, the planet of reason and justice, is exalted in Libra, the owners of the horoscope are maximally collected during crises, ready to defend themselves and act, but when everything is behind, they fall apart. The support of loved ones is important to them, then the victory over evil is undeniable. An interesting nuance: the owners of Libra in the 8th house, thinking about death, wish to die beautifully, having accomplished a feat, and even in old age they think over a wardrobe for themselves after death and an exquisite funeral setting.

Passion and money

The theme of love, relationships and sexual intimacy speaks deeply to the soul of the owners of the 8th house in Libra. They are looking for partners for beautiful outwardly, refined and languid experiences, joint transformation of consciousness through sex. This is especially true for women. If the partner is rude and consumerist, without graceful courtship, gifts, compliments, then even frigidity and disgust for the physical side of the relationship is possible. At the same time, they cannot even think of leaving such a spouse, if such a spouse provides them with comfort and position in society. Such discord is detrimental to the development of the soul.

A great financial fortune, however, comes to the owners of the 8th house in Libra through marriage, business partnerships, and a creative tandem.

When they truly love, they will reach the stars and pull out their life partners, but if such partners do not reach the cultural and aesthetic level of the horoscope holders, they degrade along with them.

Marriage with a widower is also likely, if there are threatening aspects with Mars, receiving an inheritance as a result of an alliance with a wealthy person.

With a harmonious Venus, sponsors and patrons appear by themselves, the authorities favor, and colleagues are happy to participate in joint projects.

Elaboration of the 8th house in Libra

The ability to negotiate with anyone is fraught with compromises with one’s own conscience. For the sake of a high position in society, the owners of the 8th house in the sign of Libra, not burdened by high moral principles, are able to prudently go over their heads, even refuse marriage for love, then suffering all their lives, but they are not even able to mentally imagine life in poor living conditions.

It happens differently: having made a mistake with the choice of a partner and having received neither wealth nor a strong position, people, out of fear of loneliness, cannot part with such a partner, living a life that is not their own.

It is necessary to enhance the higher qualities of Venus, abandoning the deliberately sexual image and flashy luxury in order to avoid violence, as well as Mars for decisive action to transform relationships.

Such individuals should abuse cosmetic procedures, and if surgery is necessary, choose a doctor carefully, according to reviews of real people. They cannot be trusted with unfamiliar beautiful girls.

Charms of beauty and health of the owner of the 8th house in Libra will be jewelry with emeralds, malachite, serpentine and greenish beryl.


Vasilisa Vishneva

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