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Aspects of Mercury and Jupiter

Mercury conjunct Jupiter

You like to see and plan things on a large scale. You are not as good at working with details as you are at seeing the big picture. Your ideas are always on a grand scale and you do not like to dive into their details. Thanks to your incredible optimism, you can promise more than you can ultimately deliver. You have a tendency to exaggerate everything you don't talk about, including yourself and your abilities. There are times when you just say too much or repeat the same thing over and over again, thinking that you were not understood the first time, or those around you are hearing it for the first time.

You have a tendency to check and recheck over and over again, even though knowing that everything was done perfectly the first time is like setting an alarm or checking to see if you closed your front door. At times, you can be impractical due to the scale of your vision. Travel is especially interesting for you as it gives you the opportunity to be open and absorb new knowledge. You are always ready to share your opinions and views with other people, even if they don't ask you to. Philosophical reasoning and theoretical reasoning for abstract concepts is a pleasure for you. You are always ready to play devil's advocate, even if you agree with your opponent's point of view, you just enjoy a good discussion, argument or debate, as well as psychological sparring matches.

You are interested in a broad vision, in universal principles and systems, seeing the interaction of relationships and structures and the picture as a whole, not its constituent parts. You have a lot of respect, and the thirst for knowledge and education is very important to you, whether it is formal or casual learning, continuing from the school days long gone. You love teaching and passing on your knowledge and experience to others. As a teacher, you learn as much from your students as they learn from you, because you are always interested in certain subjects.

Speaking and writing are two areas you can follow, and it should come as no surprise if you associate your activities with broadcasting, publishing, or advertising. You are a born salesperson and people tend to trust you and believe what you tell them.

You are probably better off coming up with circuits than implementing them. You are just happy if someone else does all the work after you come up with a plan for the necessary actions. You have a direct, open, sincere and noble disposition, and you will not deliberately beat around the bush trying to deceive people. Your optimism and faith in the future will help you succeed in all your endeavors. At times you can show a certain stubbornness of spirit and thought. You love diversity and want to achieve as much as possible in all possible areas. Just be careful not to become a person who takes on everything at once, but at the same time does not know how to do anything concrete – if this is really not what you really want for yourself.
Aspects of Mercury and Jupiter

Mercury is in harmony with Jupiter

You have an optimistic and encouraging outlook on life. You are interested in learning and education, have a talent for making long-term plans and are endowed with common sense. Travel benefits you and you love them very much as it broadens your horizons and develops awareness and understanding. You like to see and work with a big picture rather than go into details, and you are not very good at it, and you would rather leave it to someone else. You are a great speaker and can sell almost anything to anyone. People instinctively trust you and know that you only have good intentions towards them. You are respectable, moral and generous and would never intentionally cheat or harm anyone.

You like to think about abstract subjects like philosophy and religion. At times, you can embellish your stories and exaggerate your experience to impress the public. You know how to keep a conversation interesting because you have a great sense of humor. You learn quickly and thoroughly any subject that interests you. You have the ability to see both sides of an argument, so you can easily compromise. You are tolerant of other people's shortcomings and rarely hold evil on them – life is too short, that's how you think about it. You love debate and debate because it gives you the opportunity to exchange views and ideas.

As a job, you might be ideally suited to work in radio, advertising and publishing, diplomacy, law, consulting, business, or just about any other professional field. This aspect guarantees success in life, as you are always positive and will always continue to work hard regardless of obstacles.

Inharmonious aspects of Mercury and Jupiter

You are optimistic, but perhaps a little over the top. You make promises, but you cannot or do not want to keep them. To create more impact, you often exaggerate when telling any story. Most likely, you have little or no faith in higher powers, because you cannot fully comprehend the whole question. You love seeing and working with a big picture, wishing that someone else would do all the detailed work. You have a tendency to check and recheck a few times just to make sure you've done it the first time – it's like checking to see if you've actually set an alarm or closed your front door.

You always tend to do more, not play down. For example, if the recipe requires you to put in a tablespoon, you can safely add a tablespoon and another half. You believe that if everything is already good, then a little more will make things even better. You may be intolerant of other people's beliefs, habits, and cultures.

You tend to embellish details that will come into play later and overestimate the potential of an idea or product. You can be mean, but not on purpose, but just get carried away by yourself, which can sometimes be disastrous for you. Many ideas, interests and plans for the future come to you, but it can be difficult for you to focus on any particular area. You can devote yourself and your energy to certain irrational deeds or processes. Philosophy, religion and other areas of theoretical thinking are of interest to you.

You also have the foresight, numerous adventurous ideas, and gambling instinct that contribute to your success in the business world. You love to travel, especially if it combines horizons with an educational dimension. You love sharing your thoughts and ideas with others, and you could very well be an excellent teacher, formal or otherwise. You need to learn to discipline yourself so that you can solve problems logically, clearly and with full knowledge of the matter. You have a tendency to rush into your thoughts and be sloppy in your thinking. Your thoughts go too far, and you can get carried away by them, making grandiose plans that are too vast to be applied to a specific reality.

You also seem to be extremely uncritical of other people and perceive them as you find them. Sometimes you are scattered even if your mind is very original and fertile. You can have literary or speaking talent. Beware of hasty conclusions, immorality, and over-optimism. You know how to put together unrelated ideas and concepts and implement them. Sometimes others can take advantage of you because of your sympathetic nature and generosity. You may have a tendency to talk too much, using more words to say something than is really needed, or repeating what you have just said several times.


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