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Aspects of Mercury and Neptune

Mercury conjunct Neptune

You tend to daydream and let your imagination consume you. You are an idealist, a dreamer, you have a rich imagination and, possibly, a psychic. Sometimes there is absolutely no willpower in you, and you just go with the flow with pleasure, refusing to take an active part in creating your own path. You are attracted to art and you have sufficiently developed creative talents and abilities for painting, poetry and, in particular, for music. If you don't play a stringed musical instrument, then at least you are attracted to the sounds and melodies they make. Their music reminds you of the voice of your true home in the spirit worlds. Because of your impressionability, you can sometimes easily fall for suggestion and be led without your consent, so the power of suggestion has a great influence on you.

Significant changes are difficult for you to accept because your motives are unclear. There are dangers associated with drugs and alcohol, and it is important that you are wise to stay away from them. You may not be as strong as others, for this reason it is important to pay attention to the influences and working conditions around you. You are not the most resilient of people, so stay away from negative psychic influences such as psychic sessions, hypnosis, and divination.

Your mind does not function in a linear, logical order, and you are often unable to express your thoughts in simple, understandable language. Symbols, images, art or music can better express your ideas. For this reason, you may not be as good at reading standard book teaching as learning from someone who can tell or show you something firsthand.

The flight of thoughts and fantasies takes you to strange and wonderful worlds, and you could develop the ability to record some of your feelings to share with others, for example, by writing fantasy, science fiction, poetry or poetry. You are sensitive to nuances and omissions, but you can get confused between fiction and the truth of perception. You may have difficulty concentrating on practical and mundane activities and separating truth from fiction. You are attracted to metaphysical and mystical themes and subjects, and there may also be an interest in photography. Nerve problems can happen to you, so you need to take some time every day to be quiet and calm. This aspect will benefit writers, especially romantics or adventure novelists, musicians and actors.
Aspects of Mercury and Neptune

Mercury in harmony with Neptune

You have incredible imagination and good visualization. You have dreams and visions that you can make a reality by practicing in a rational, conscious and logical way. You are open to metaphysical disciplines such as astrology, telepathy, and various other occult areas, including healing. In fact, you can have the power of healing through the laying on of hands.

You have the opportunity to engage your subconscious mind and bring ideas to a conscious level. Your mind is inspired with a penchant for art and creativity, poetry, drama and music. You prefer the artistic world to the scientific world and learn more by absorbing knowledge in a natural way, rather than forced using books. You have a love for the sea because of its ability to calm your nerves. Strong intuition and inspiration are inherent in you, along with sensitivity to the higher realms, which can be developed and developed even better. You can touch this higher world in your dreams.

Inharmonious aspects of Mercury with Neptune

You tend to be very inventive and very far-sighted, but it is difficult for you to apply your thoughts and ideas in a practical and everyday way. Sometimes you can be in a gloomy mood and let your imagination run wild. Having visions and wonderful ideas is great, but if you cannot implement them in the real world, then their usefulness and effectiveness are lost. You need to learn to discipline your mind so that something real can come in your brilliant insights.

When there are too many problems for you, you re-create the environment in your imagination with the ending you prefer, until you are convinced of the new ending as a reality. You may tend to run away from the world and its problems. Your tendency to seek hiding places in drugs or alcohol in the first place only aggravates any of your problems. While it can be uncomfortable or even painful, you must learn to face your problems as they will not go away if you ignore them.

Sometimes you are very distracted and forgetful, which makes others think of you as a frivolous person. You are not stupid, it is just that your focus and concentration are on another planet. Of course, we must live here on Earth, so it would be wise for you to hover in the clouds only when the situation allows it or corresponds to it.

Communication with others can be difficult at times because it is not always clear what exactly you want to say. Or because you describe things in such a way that no one understands what it is about. You need to use your abilities to artistic expression of your thoughts. The main inability to communicate with other people arises from your lack of concentration. There are also times when you may be deliberately trying to mislead or deceive others. It is quite difficult for you to hold attention and focus on something for a long time, except, of course, your dreams.

The tendency to believe everything that you hear, or, conversely, not to believe in nothing, as long as there are no hard reasons for this, is inherent in you. You do not see the world around you clearly enough, therefore, are prone to erroneous conclusions. Your mind is highly creative and you have dramatic, artistic, or musical abilities. You perceive things that some cannot grasp and understand, along with this you have an amazing ability to read information from people and situations without knowing anything about them. You have a love for riddles and mysticism; metaphysics and occult sciences also appeal to you, but you need to stay away from negative mental practices in the form of hypnosis, psychic sessions and fortune telling.

There is a need to learn to distinguish truth from fiction and reality from fantasy. At times you are accused of lying, and sometimes it is difficult to know if you are aware of the difference between truth and falsehood, or if you are deliberately lying. A certain clarity of thinking on your part will not give others the feeling that you are deliberately misleading them. You must learn to discipline and focus your mind if you want to use all your creative talents.

You are not very good at formal learning from books, as you tend to absorb knowledge indirectly. It's easier for you to perceive new things from conversations, descriptions or explanations, instead of trying to read about them, and then understanding the material. You may have a literary talent as you are excellent at describing objects or situations creatively. You are a wonderful storyteller. Be careful with the people and your environment with whom you communicate due to your sensitivity to vibration and tend to absorb the atmosphere around you.


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