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Aspects of Mercury and Mars

Mercury conjunct Mars

You have an alert, quick mind, ready for any mental activity, exercise, or play. You love good discussion and are always ready to learn more about the unknown. You love to read and this is probably the main way to get information. You enjoy working on multiple projects at the same time, and you most likely have some kind of mechanical talent. You enjoy working with your hands, and you probably use both hands equally. During a conversation, you often gesture. Also, this aspect endows you with mathematical or scientific abilities, and along with a sharp mind comes a sharp tongue.

At times, you are impractical when your mind speaks in you, so you need to learn to think before you speak. Constant chatter is something that is peculiar to you. You love sarcasm and do not mind a little good-natured mockery both on your part and over yourself. You tend to express your thoughts in a clear, decisive, assertive, and convincing manner. You have leadership skills, and your speech can be violent and tense at times, whether you really want to speak like that or not. A little tact won't hurt anyone, right? You like to point out flaws and inconsistencies in other people's arguments.

At times, you can be verbally aggressive and rude, while there are times when you extol yourself and offend people with your honesty. You can be an effective spokesperson, lawyer, or sales manager. You have the power to persuade simply by using the power of words. You may have a writing talent and ability, particularly criticism or satire oriented. You love mental challenges and puzzles. You are completely independent, determined, courageous, with the strong energy needed to succeed in life. Learn to think before you speak, as it is easy to lose friends through your directness and sarcasm.
Aspects of Mercury and Mars

Mercury is in harmony with Mars

You have an alert, quick-witted, sharp and determined mind. You like to debate and discuss almost any topic, you also like all kinds of mental games, especially strategies, and all sorts of challenges. You love to read and absorb knowledge. Your mind is always full of ideas that you present with complete confidence and strength, convincing others. You have a sense of humor, but it's more satirical or sarcastic than just funny. You have excellent control of your hands and, perhaps, they are developed symmetrically. You are loud and adamant in expressing yourself and your hands often help you get your message across when you speak.

You are a leader, manager, salesperson, promoter. Others tend to listen to you and follow your example because you have a talent for guiding people and making decisions. You have a penchant for writing, especially criticism. You are not afraid to tell people when they are wrong. At times, you may suffer from a lack of tact and excessive talkativeness. Your desires are controlled by the mind and, this allows you to succeed in almost everything, no matter what you put your mind to. You may have mathematical and mechanical ability or aptitude.

You are confident and decisive in everything you do. You are full of anxiety and nervous energy, and you enjoy being constantly busy. You can easily get bored and therefore enjoy working on multiple projects at the same time. It is quite difficult for you to sit in one place for a long time due to the abundance of energy you have. It may be beneficial for you to periodically try to calm your mind by practicing yoga or other forms of meditation; light fitness and exercise will also help in this regard.

Inharmonious aspects of Mercury with Mars

You have the potential to be very cunning and you try to take advantage of it when given the opportunity. Your mind is alert, quick and always ready for an argument or discussion. Your speech is sometimes too hasty and you lack tact. Tongue is your weapon that you use to lash out at others when they upset you or do something you don't like. You have a hot temper that can burst into swearing, name-calling, or general ranting and delirium. You are a persuasive and powerful speaker with a way of getting people to your side by adopting your way of thinking, but you are not particularly receptive to the ideas and opinions of others.

You need to learn how to rationally and logically control your desires. Your mental energy should be directed in a creative direction instead of wasting it on conflicts with others. Sometimes you can be irritable and picky and this turns friends and family against you. You like to argue, while being quite critical and aggressive in discussions, turning any conversation into discussion or war of words. Try to choose a profession where this talent will be a plus, not a minus. Perhaps you could be a just cause, an advocate vigorously defending a client, an analyst, or a critic. You love to read and probably have a literary talent.

You are excitable and have a large amount of nervous energy, so it is difficult for you to sit still for a very long time. You enjoy working on several projects at the same time, as it saves you boredom, but it can be difficult to complete the projects and activities you have started. From time to time, you need to take time out and give your mind a rest in order to prevent burnout.

Internal tension and hostility usually find a way out in outbursts of anger, sometimes without any meaning to others. Your anger destroys your ability to think clearly, so you cannot logically state the reasons for your anger. Due to the constant stress on your nerves, you must be careful as you may suffer from some types of nervous disorder such as shingles and ulcers. Anger and resentment is very detrimental to your heart too. You have a tendency to overexert yourself, which is quite hard on both your body and your nerves. Your approach to life can be too hectic and hectic, with too much running and lack of achievement. Stop and relax from time to time.


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