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Chiron square Venus. The ability to see the beauty of chaos

The square between the planets is always a tension that is looking for an outlet. It manifests itself brightly and powerfully, which causes strong feelings in the native and is expressed both on the eventual and on the subtle plane. A person really wants to succeed precisely in the affairs of houses and signs, where the participants of the aspect stand, but for this he sorely lacks experience and talent. There is nothing fatal here, but finding the right direction for development is not so easy.

Square Chiron – Venus gives a perverted understanding of beauty, enjoyment of ruined architecture, a break in classical forms and proportions, cacophony in music. At the same time, the native has a very pronounced need to create, but it is difficult to find one’s niche, and even more so to gain recognition, with such views. This is exacerbated by the paradoxical nature of internal gender characteristics. Men are weak-willed, similar to women, and girls are assertive, rude, masculine.

The dangers of squaring Chiron – Venus

The aspect emphasizes the negative qualities of Chiron in matters of money and relationships. It is there that pettiness manifests itself, the desire to attack in order to protect oneself. The native feels vulnerable in the theme of the house and sign, where Chiron stands , and Venus suffers from this . If she is strong and in a winning position, then most likely the person will get off with minor troubles and a little stress, but being in a mine or afflicted by other planets, she leaves no chance for positive events until the native develops self-confidence and better qualities characteristic of their gender.

Ideally, the owners of the Venus-Chiron square need to find their own individual path in the arts and financial management, but not go to odious extremes just to stand out. The main problems created by the aspect:

  • doubts about personal attractiveness for the opposite sex and value for the world, especially if the aspect affects 1, 5, 7 houses;
  • failures in personal life and lack of money in the family, which needs to be solved by the native or the aspect will be repeated in the cards of his descendants;
  • hormonal imbalance, and as a result, increased hairiness in women and underdevelopment of male sexual characteristics in the stronger sex;
  • a bodily defect or feature that literally pushes a person into the center of everyone’s attention, or serves as a hook for ridicule;
  • constant obstacles and problems associated with creative self-realization: people around do not consider the native talented, his image does not correspond to generally accepted ideas about people of art, his works are strange and even repulsive;
  • many enemies and competitors.

If Venus is additionally still in opposition or square to Uranus , bisexuality or an interest in non-traditional relationships can be suggested.

Venus-Chiron square and personal life

Wound of Chiron is associated with love and parenting scenarios. Most often, the native subconsciously associates himself with the most vulnerable and vulnerable parent, whose personal life did not go well or creative realization suffered. For example, a father is an unrecognized artist who sold paintings for a penny, or a mother, a failed actress, sobbed from the need to work as an accountant, and not shine on stage.

Having matured, a person is looking for a partner with a similar wound in order to cure him and thus erase childhood memories. Considering that almost always there is no confidence in one’s own value and viability, the goal of life becomes the desire to make a loved one a star and be proud of him, remaining in the shadows. However, if the Sun and the Ascendant are in Leo, Aries and Sagittarius, the scenario may expand, including the native himself on the podium, but doubts about his own merits will still overcome him.

The owners of the Venus-Chiron square can be fierce supporters of strict moral standards and public order. They react sharply to any violation of their ideas about morality, up to public speeches or complaints to the relevant authorities. However, such criticality significantly harms the quality of their own sexual life. If they are representatives of non-traditional orientation, they will be very worried about the reaction of others and relatives.

Study of the Venus-Chiron square

The main problem is addiction to chaos and destruction. At a low level of development, the native experiences strong envy of beautiful people who create works in the classical style, whether it be literature, music, dance, performances and paintings.

The desire to soil and destroy, to turn harmony into chaos and create for oneself the glory of Herostratus can overshadow the voice of reason, especially if the Ascendant and the MC are in Leo.

At a high level of development, a person needs to create innovative trends in art, sculpture, architecture, understanding the duality of the world, that light cannot exist without shadow. It is undesirable to work in plastic surgery, but restorative medicine, assistance to victims of fires and disasters will relieve the tension of the aspect. The point is to restore beauty and health to people after severe shocks and injuries.

The native will succeed in the financial sector if he manages to create a new structure, like modernized payment systems. In ordinary life, there is a chance of becoming a victim of scammers.

In these cases, rose quartz , watermelon tourmaline and pink diamonds are good sources of energy .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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