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Moon Square – Venus

Moon and Venus in the natal chart will describe the native's needs for comfort and coziness. The moon is responsible for the psychological state of a person and his well-being. Venus symbolizes beauty, love, harmony, various earthly joys and comforts that fill people's existence with joy and happiness.

The square is a tense aspect, but its harmfulness in this case is not so pronounced, since Venus is a good luminary, and the Moon is neutral.

People with a square of the Moon and Venus in their natal charts attach great importance to the presence of a comfortable environment in the home and workplace, and also show a love of holidays and pleasures.

Influence on the nature and characteristics of a person's personality

Moon Square - VenusAny aspect between Venus and the Moon endows a person with charm, unique charm and attractiveness. Thanks to a deep understanding of fine and unusual taste, he manages to create a unique style of clothing. The owners of the aspect have the ability to see flaws in their appearance and in the images of others, and this can become a driving force for transformations in this area.

The same goes for partnerships and personal life. Such people understand that relationships between people are not always ideal and, as a rule, work hard to improve them.

The owner of the aspect needs to avoid idleness, licentiousness, unnecessary expenses and the desire for easy success. You should use your powerful creative potential for art classes (music, painting, poetry, etc.).

The square of the Moon and Venus in natal men

The intense interaction of Venus and the Moon in a man's horoscope will indicate difficulties in relationships with the opposite sex. The native's image of a beautiful lady will be contradictory. The signs of the zodiac, in which the aforementioned luminaries are located, will describe the different types of female partners, between whom the owner of the horoscope can be torn.

The native needs to learn to overcome relationship problems. He should help women experiencing difficulties in life, and not refuse to interact with them. Still, you should avoid capricious, spoiled and weak-willed female representatives. The relationship with them will be superficial and unreliable, and the native, as a rule, still strives for marriage and family.    

The square of the Moon and Venus in natal women

The mentioned aspect will inform that the topic of relationships with mother and girlfriends is important in a woman's life. This interaction will not always be easy. Quarrels and minor conflicts over trifles are possible, after which the parties usually try to re-establish relations.

Yet the aspect indicates a creative, sympathetic, caring and compassionate nature. As a rule, a successful marriage partnership, family and children in her first place, and in order to achieve the cherished goals, the owner of the horoscope is ready to overcome any obstacles.

The square of the Moon and Venus in the child's natal

If the Moon-Venus square is present in the child's natal chart, then he should not be pampered and indulged in all his whims and whims. An excessive amount of sweets, eating too high-calorie and flour foods can lead to health problems and obesity.

But the creative upbringing and development of such children should be given as much attention as possible. Drawing lessons, singing lessons, stage and poetry circles will help develop the multifaceted talents of the child.

Moon and Venus in different zodiac signs

The square of Venus and the Moon imparts passivity and laziness to the native, but the influence of this aspect will be more constructive if one or both planets are located in the signs of their strength.

An example is the interaction of the Moon in Cancer and Venus in Libra. The owner of this constellation will be successful in the field of partnership and relationships, he will prove himself to be a good and caring family man. Efforts made in the field of creativity will bear fruit.

Lilia Garipova

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